Why You Should Still Consider Buying a Vespa in 2019

Vespa has been in existence since 1946 and the brand has never once disappointed. As a result, many have grown up with these scooters and continue to enjoy the benefits that they offer in a fast-paced world. While Vespa has been on the road for 72 years now, there are many reasons why you should still ride with Vespa today and even in the coming years. Below we highlight some of the reasons why you should consider buying a Vespa in 2019.

A Wide Variety

Vespa has a wide variety of scooters that the rider can choose from. They range from vintage to classic and more modern designs. However, you have to realise that vintage designs may be aesthetically pleasing but will need proper maintenance. This means that you may have to switch up some of the Vespa parts once in a while. The vintage models are, therefore, suitable for riders who have some repair experience. The more modern designs, however, are fit for the road and equally stylish.

Greater Fuel Economy

Oil prices are high and what better way to curb spending on fuel than by using a fast, stylish and fuel-efficient Vespa scooter. You can save on the fuel and use the amount to buy Vespa parts whenever necessary. On top of financial saving, you will be doing the planet a big favour by making this fuel-efficient choice. All over the world, every day, people are finding ways to reduce the use of fossil fuels, and with a Vespa scooter, you can easily become a part of the green movement.

Faster Movement

The roads today are crowded not only by vehicles but by humans as well. Many car drivers get road rage when they have to cruise slowly behind drivers who seem to have no sense of time and urgency. However, owning a Vespa keeps you ahead of other drivers. With Vespa, you can easily manoeuvre through traffic instead of getting stuck along with other drivers. You will, therefore, always reach your destination on time.

No Need for a Licence

Scooter drivers will rarely need a licence in most states as long as the scooter is 49cc and below. This enables you to drive and learn the skills that the driver of a bigger bike has as well. Older Vespas will need the driver to shift gears just like the driver would do a motorcycle. If, therefore, you do not want to commit to a bigger cycle fully, a Vespa can provide the perfect training wheels for your future motorbike.

Easy to Park

Many cities do not allow scooter drivers to chain their Vespas on bicycle racks. However, just like other two-wheeled vehicles, you can park your Vespa perpendicularly on the sidewalk. Also, you can squeeze your scooter into small spaces that no other vehicle can fit into. Riding and parking in congested areas become easy when you own a Vespa.

Stealth and Quickness

Big Vespas can go up to 115 mph while smaller ones go up to 90 mph. After purchase, further modifications can be made to make them faster. With such stealth, a Vespa lives up to the expectations of any machine built in Italy-classic.