Why Being Listed in Online Directories Matter for Small Businesses

Having your own business is exciting, but can also be overwhelming at the same time. While running the business is already an engaging task, adding marketing and advertising can lead to a full plate. This is why you need to be very careful so as to choose the proven and effective marketing channels that benefit your bottom line. Business directories have played a significant role in promoting businesses and building their brands.

Why Invest in Business Directory Listings?

In one way or another, your customers use a directory to search for a particular product or company. 80% of those who use directory searches often purchase or express the intent to purchase. As a matter of fact, business directories offer an excellent channel for targeted advertising.

When a customer uses a business directory, they already have a specific need in mind and are searching for a solution. The only thing you should do is to position your ad or listing in the appropriate directory and designing it in such a way that it catches the attention of the customer. For instance, customers who search for car dealers and parts stores have specific needs in mind and how well you fit into those needs will either guarantee a sale or a missed opportunity.

The Profitability of Business Directory Listings

Maintaining your online product or company listing can bring a good return on investment. Many businesses have reported an increase in the number of in-call volumes directly connected to their directory ads. Even new customers find it appropriate to use business directories in searching for solutions.

Before making a purchase, more than 90% of customers search for businesses or products online from about 8 different sources directories included. In order to turn a prospect into a conversion, you need to remain in the mind of the customer so that when they make a decision to buy, they immediately think about you instead of your competition.

Where to Find Business Directories

There are lots of business directories both online and offline, but it is not a good idea to list your business to each and every directory you lay your hands on. You should be guided by the expected return on investment and your time. Look for directories that are in your local markets and niche. This is because most customers start searching from this end for product solutions. As your budget and resources grow, you may now consider diversifying to larger directories.

Online Directory Listings and Web Traffic

Listing your company on online directories can help boost your search results. Remember, the more mentions or listings you get in quality web pages, the more authoritative search engines will begin seeing your brand. Directory listings can significantly enhance your chances of getting top search rankings depending on your choice of keyword. Even getting a first page ranking means so much for an upcoming business.

What You Need to Do Now

As a small business owner, you should start considering directory listings on your marketing plan. Look at the options that you have based on your region or niche and also analyze where your competitors are advertising to see whether particular directories are sensible to list in.

It is also important to know that listing your product or company in online business directories is not a one-off project, rather an on-going one. It has to be maintained and your strategies constantly adjusted based on the actions of your competition and changing business goals.