Which is the Most Popular KIA Car?

KIA’s popularity in the American market has surged since the mid 2000’s. Allentown KIA says the South Korean brand has attracted many buyers looking for affordable, fuel efficient cars loaded with driver’s aids and good interiors. KIA has been ranked Number 1 on J.D. Power’s annual survey on car reliability, after ranking number 2 in the year before.


The Optima was the bestselling KIA car in the 2000s. However, Optima sales have fallen in the last five years staying with the downward trend in sales of mid-sized sedans. The Optima was popular with drivers for its attractive classical styling. Owners said the handling was responsive and offered a smooth driving experience. Its cabin has also scored highly in comfort rating. The Optima has been a favorite with drivers looking for a family sedan.


The soul was launched in 2009. Since then its sales have grown by leaps and bounds. The 5th generation was launched in 2014 when the Soul had seen 67% increase in sales since its launch. There is a 6th generation Soul to be unveiled in 2017. The Soul has become the best-selling KIA in America offering an attractive alternative to the Nissan Cube, Scion xB, Encore, Crosstrek and Civic. Drivers say the Soul is a great ride able to keep up with higher specced rivals due to its turbocharged engine. The Soul also has eye catching exterior detailing.


The Sportage appeals to the Crossover SUV lovers. It is a strong rival of the Subaru Outback and the other mid-sized SUVs. The Sportage has a well-rounded sleek appearance and very well done interior. Drivers love it for the spacious cabin and ample leg room. The Sportage has a strong appeal for drivers looking for a compact SUV that can keep up with bigger sized SUVs on the highway. The 2017 Sportage will feature a 2.0 liter engine with an output of 240 HP.


The Forte has been a hit with drivers looking for an affordable compact SUV. The older Forte had a 1.8 liter engine but KIA has promised to put a bigger 2.0 liter engine in the 2017 model. Drivers have praised the Forte for its high fuel efficiency. It is also roomy and features driver aids that are standard in more expensive brands like swiveling headlights to illuminate corners.

Clearly, KIA Soul leads the pack in popularity with American drivers. With the unveiling of a new model in 2017, the Soul’s popularity will continue to soar.