When you need van insurance it pays to compare the market

There are numerous policy types available for van owners. It is important to considering how you actually use your van so you can pick the right policy. If you just cover for a few days then consider tempvaninsure, if not look to purchase an annual policy.

Shopping for and actually purchasing van insurance can be a mind-boggling process. It is a slightly different ball game than car insurance with some of the specifics needing careful consideration in order to make sure you end up with the right cover at a good price.

Maybe you didn’t know but vans are put into categories (1 to 20) by the ABI. (Association of British Insurers) 1 is the lowest risk category and 20 being the highest risk. There are several factors which contribute to which category a van is put into, these include the actual size and weight of the vehicle, costs of repairs, its value, and even emissions.

Is your van for business or pleasure?

A private policy will cover domestic and social use. Examples would be trips to shops, driving friends and family around, and any hobby-related uses like camping, surfing, or go-carting.

So, if you find yourself having a hobby which requires a lot of kit, and you have invested in a van to move it from point A to point B, you should make sure that you are adequately insured with pleasure and social domestic use on a private van insurance policy.

That said if your hobby earns you any money at all, even if it’s not your main income source, you will still need a form of business use on your private van insurance. Here is an example: You are in in a band and you use your van to transport your instruments, equipment and band mates to play at the local pub on a Friday night. If you get paid for doing the gig, you will need a business use cover for this.

What information do I need to compare temp van insurance?

The following is useful when comparing different van insurance quotes:

Vehicle details
Be sure to have the make, model and the details of any modifications that have been done to the vehicle. If you are unsure, your V5C document will have this information.

Recent insurance documents
Most often these will contain the majority of the details that are required for you to get a quote. They’re also good for up-to-date claims information, as many times this can influence the prices that you are quoted.

Recent conviction details
Always be upfront about any past convictions, thins like speeding penalties.

What factors might affect the cost of my temp van insurance?

As you are looking to get the best possible price on your van insurance, be aware that there are several things that can affect your premium. Examples would be your no claims discount, your voluntary excess and the type of alarm or lock that you use.

Voluntary excess
This is the amount you choose to pay upfront should you make a claim. Insurance providers will usually add an additional compulsory excess on top of the voluntary amount, so be sure to do your homework as you will have to pay both excesses.

Although you may find it a bit tempting to tweak the information you provide in order to reduce your insurance premium, this is not a good idea. All the details that you give to your insurer need to be correct. It’s illegal to knowingly give your insurance company inaccurate information. If you are found to have done so, you could very possibly face criminal prosecution and your insurance will become invalid.