What you should do if you are a victim of car accident: things that going to work as evidence

Car accidents are not new for anyone. Thousands of people lose them or their loved one ‘s life in these accidents. The specialty about the car accident is that it usually happens unexpectedly. Those who ever experience these things, they can understand the pain and loss that they have to suffer during the dealing with the situation. But the list is not finished yet, after that you have to face insurance companies, hospital etc. it’s really hard to handle all these things as your own. So that’s why you need a lawyer that can do these things on your behalf. Not only that, they will help you in dealing with the situation better. If you are living in USA, and need a lawyer for you then you can contact with Patino Law Office .

Things that you should do after a car accident

The first thing that is important to do is to take medical care as soon as possible. Make sure that you don’t have any serious injury, if you do then take a help of qualified doctors. Never underestimate your health, it’s important to seek a proper health checkup and medical attention. After making sure that you are properly recovered from the car accident. Now is it time to do some action! Don’t fail to consult with your lawyer first. The most important thing that you should know you has more evidence that can prove your innocent. And for that, you need some convincing proves. Here is a list of things that can work as strongly evident


Copy of FIR:

It’s a document that you will, get from the police station. Make sure that you file a FIR after an accident and it will be great if you do that thing as soon as you can.

Information about the other party:

The other party, who is involved in the accident, makes sure you have his or her name, address, phone number, and most important thing car insurance policy number. Your lawyer is going to need these things in the court and also filing a FIR in the police station.

Statement copy of an eye witness

If someone was there when the accident was happened, then his or her statement I going to help you lot. Your lawyer will take that person as an eye witness, which can help you in proving innocence,

Medical records or documents:

Everything including medical report, fee receipt and even a doctor prescription can work as evidence that will make your case stronger. It’s important to understand that everything that is related to your accidents is going o work as an important evidence.