What Is An Auto Transport Broker?

It is all about supply and demand in the auto transport business. If there is a surplus of truck space in a market, then almost everybody ships. The higher priced freight cut in front of the lower priced vehicles and ship first. The auto transport industry, especially as it exists online, can be separated into three parts: Brokers, Carriers, and Lead Providers. Auto shipping brokers book the overwhelming majority of the orders. These are companies like http://andrewautotransport.com Andrew Auto Transport.

They are on the phone with the customer or have an efficient online quote generator and ordering process. Auto transport brokers need the carriers to haul their customer’s vehicles. The car carriers are usually independent owner operators on the road and unable to fill their truck space themselves. Carriers need the auto shipping brokers to do that. It is actually a very efficient system. No carrier company could even begin to service the entire country. It would be impossible. You also need a broker in case a driver does not communicate well. We have used Andrew Auto Transport in the past an recommend them highly. If you need a car shipping quote give them a call or visit them at http://andrewautotransport.com