What are the things to look out for selling one’s used car?

Planning to sell off an ousted car model in Houston? No worries, selling a used car is not as difficult as you thought it would be. In this article, I will guide you step by step and to your surprise, you find things easy and handy.

Gather Information Yourself

As you have decided on- I want to sell my car Houston , try fetching the best information possible about the price you can achieve. Agents are sure to charge an exorbitant brokerage fee. Also, it is obvious that dealers will pay less. This is because they will consider their personal benefit from the deal. The best possible solution is to be self-reliant and you face no external hassles.


If you are considering a good online portal, incorporate good photographs of your car. Take snaps from various angles so they feed the interest of the buyers. Exaggeration can spoil the whole deal rather than sealing it. So, be a bit careful while advertising your car. Do not act like you are reluctant yet selling it. Put in details like mileage, color, fuel efficacy, accident-free etc. Provide your personal mobile number so that things become hassle-free for the buyers. Make it a point that you do not use your home or office numbers.

History of Advertising

There are perks of having a detailed account of the service history. Keep it safe. Buyers often tend to pay good premiums for neatly kept service histories.

Considering Dilapidation

Consider spending some money from your pocket in building a good impression of your car. A promising impression would definitely fetch you more money. A few extra penny spent would prove an added advantage in this regard. Get it washed properly. See that the mirrors do not have cracks and they have their luster. The car engine should be in a notably good position.

Seeking for Junkyards

Not all will be willing to pay for an already used car. When hopes of getting a private buyer start to dwindle, your hunt for- we buy junk cars Houston should begin. Put forth an honest description of your car. Have a look at your documents. See that all the documents are true and verified.

Asking for a realistic Price

Do not bid a price too high. Setting a sky high price is not a good idea. It will do bad rather than good. Survey the market and fathom the price of similar models. Setting a too low price obviously won’t benefit you. Keep it moderate to ensure calls from buyers. You can have a little space to get it bargained.

Payments and Related Negotiations

Keep in mind that yours is a used car. Never go for transactions in EMIs. It will lead you to absolute losses. If the payment is done via cheques, wait strictly for clearances. Only when your bank says that the deposit is confirmed, consider handing over the car. In case of demand drafts, remember that there are fakes doing the rounds, this being the area where you need to be extra cautious.