Useful tips when sending the parcel

If you want to send parcel to someone who is living abroad, nowadays there are many ways by which you can ship the parcel to them. The days were gone when local post office is the only way to send the parcel to someone who is living abroad or domestic. There are many courier point that send the parcel to abroad; there service is good and fast. Sending a parcel to abroad be very expensive in the past years, but now a days there are many companies who launch attractive offers for sending the parcel to abroad which make parcel sending very cheap.

Tips to keep in mind while sending a parcel

There are many ways by which you can send cheap courier to abroad, it is not necessary that sending a parcel to abroad is cheap every time for example “ if you want to send cheap courier to Germany there are many ways by which you can cut down the price of parcel and send the parcel very cheaply. Here are the tips which you need to keep in mind while sending the parcel to abroad-


Fill your custom forms – when you are sending the parcel abroad you need to fill the custom documents. You must declare the contents and the value of the item contained in your parcel.

Compare shipping rates online – you can compare the rate of international shipping of various courier companies over the internet. Search various companies and see their offer because some companies offer you a great discount and offer you cheap shipping rate. Comparing prices over the internet saves a lot of time of yours. You can also consult and ask for an advice from your friend and family over cheap and best courier companies.

Wrap it well – if you are sending the parcel with trusted and reputed courier, the risk of damage to your parcel is low and many courier companies provide compensation if somehow anything happen to your parcel. So make sure when you are sending a parcel always wrap it in hard double walled cardboard boxes which is safe for sending a parcel.

Avoid express international shipping – this option is ideal when you need to deliver parcel quickly but it cost you very heavy. Courier companies cost very heavy charge on express shipping you have to pay extra for this speedy service. So whenever you are planning to deliver a parcel internationally avoid express shipping and ship it before time.

Tracking service – it is always a good idea to send a parcel with company who provides online tracking facility. This will help you in monitoring the current location of the parcel.