Top Things To Consider When Looking For Steering Damper For Your Motorcycle

When riding a motorcycle, it is very important to be safe. The right motorcycle parts are paramount as having the improper installation or fitting can cause an accident. Some bikes like the sport bikes have a short wheelbase. This makes them have the ability to make quick changes when riding. On the downside, they become less stable and hence very dangerous. This is even worse considering that roads are not always smooth and the terrain differs.

A steering damper is an important part of a motorcycle that is designed to stop any undesirable and uncontrolled movements. Having full control of your bike will ensure that you ride safely. Finding the right steering dampers is very important. So what exactly do you consider when looking for a steering damper?

Rely on Reviews

The very best in the market will always self-advertise. Reviews are an important part of any product. The Scotts Steering Dampers have great reviews for example so you definitely want to consider them when looking for one. Reviews will help you know what to expect before buying.

Customers reviews are more important as they have a testament to the products. They have first-hand experience of the products and they have used them with their bikes. If you have had issues before with the product, you can check what other people have experianced with the product.

Reputation of the brand

Branding is a key element in the making of a company. A good brand will gain a good reputation and make a name for itself. This is essentially because they make good quality products that people have used and had a good experience with it.

With the good name, you have to remember that there are those imitation products that start to encroach the market. Find out where you can get original products so that you don’t buy a counterfeit then end up having a bad product. This is especially important while buying spare parts for your bike.

Safety first

Steering dampers are meant to help the biker have control of the motorcycle movements; finding the right parts that will guarantee you full control. Having a steering damper that is uncontrollable will not only make the riding dangerous but also will put you at risk. The last thing you want is having your life on the line.

Other than that, safety involves other key things that you have to ensure are in place. Motorcycles can be dangerous especially when you’re involved in a head of collision. Ensure that you are dressed appropriately when you are going for the ride.

Get the right gears and clothing to protect you from the external environment. It is also important to counter before getting started that the brakes are working fine or any part that has been recently fixed or had issues previously.

Is it adjustable?

An important part of the steering damper is adjustability. This means that you will be able to work with different speeds. Find a steering damper with multiple adjustments so that you can customize to your own fitting. It will give you the control you need while riding and ensure that you are safe on the road.

Customer service

Customer support system always come in handy when you are facing issues. If you are buying from a specific brand you would like to consider the customer service. Customer reviews can testify about the kind of service they have received previously.

It is important since sometimes you may experience unexpected problems and don’t have the right mechanic to consult with. Considering how important your bike is to you, you want to be sure that it doesn’t get into the wrong hands; like an unqualified mechanic.

Maintenance and costs

Nothing annoys a rider more than having to keep on replacing a motorcycle part every now and then. There are things that are expected to be changed frequently but there are expensive parts that you want to ensure that you get the right fit and quality so that you can save on maintenance costs.

Fueling is one of the frequent maintenance costs and small repairs that every now and then you will have incur. For a steering damper, considering the expense you don’t want to keep going back to the store, so the best thing is to get the best in the market. This way you will be assured about durability and you will have no problem while riding.

The right Brand

Normally steer dampers are factory installed especially with high end sport motorcycles. They can be mounted as well and that’s why you need to worry about the quality and brand. A testament to the brands is important as you will know the level of quality and what to expect. Good brands with quality products are easy to find through research. So find a company that produces quality products and can be trusted. You may want to ensure also that you get the product directly from them so that you don’t get an imitation of the original.


There are different types of dampers. They are generally meant to keep the bike straight. If you live in the country side, you definitely need a good damper as it will help you ride straight over the difficult terrain. If you’re a sports biker, you will also need it especially going over rocky and sandy terrain.

There are different types of damper available. You may want to consult an expert regarding which is which so that you don’t get all mixed up. They can help you know the right one that is suitable for your motorcycle.

Getting a good damper will help you reduce fatigue while you’re on the road. This is because it reduces the effort required to control the handle bars. Just to be safe, ensure that once you buy the best of them you get an expert to install and also inspect. The effectiveness of a good damper will rely on proper installation, so the last thing you want is a buying a good damper that is not working the way it is supposed to. You also want it included in the vehicle papers and record.