Top Jobs Your Motor Vehicle Needs To Stay Perfect

Motor cycle running smoothly on road is the result of the work done by an able mechanic. It is also the result of your awareness of the maintenance needs of your motor vehicle. So, if you are a starter or need knowing what all jobs your specialist mechanic does on your vehicle when you leave it to him for maintenance, here is a quick guide for you.

Important jobs done at maintenance shop

Just cleaning the dirt off the surface of vehicle is not servicing. It is a complete over calling process where all functions of the machine and the internal structures are restored. This is done by:

  • Transmission servicing

How smoothly the vehicle starts and picks up the speed is dependent on the seamlessness of the transmission. A motor mechanics services and repairs the transmission and fixes the vehicle if it is showing problems while starting.

  • Brakes and suspension maintenance

With the rampant use of the vehicle, its brakes tend to wear down. These may become loose, or its shoe may be completely worn out. Tightening of brakes, smoothness of brakes with oiling and sometimes, replacement of brakes and other suspension related jobs make the vehicle safe to use on road.

  • Engine maintenance jobs

The health of engine determines whether the vehicle is fit to use or not. It is necessary to get the engine repairs done, instead of straightaway putting the vehicle on sale. The good engine repairs can make the vehicle look like new and add to its life.

We, at Coast wide Mobile Roadworthy’s and Air Conditioning, are capable of doing all vehicle jobs apart from those mentioned above. Restoration of cooling mechanism, fuel injection tuning etc are also other important jobs done by us. Our mechanics come to your home or office to pick up your vehicle for maintenance jobs and drop them back, too, when done.