Top 3 Vehicle Warranty FAQs that Justifies Palmer Auto Protection Plan

Why should you buy an extended car warranty now if your car still is covered by a manufacturer?

As the car covers many miles and gets older, the cost for an extended car warranty automatically will increaseas will the repair costs which normally are the case for an out-of-warranty, older car. You’re just buying total mileage coverage, not additional mileage to your present total. Therefore, you don’t have anything to lose but only gain. Taking advantage of the new car and low mileage includes the most prudent approach as you prepare for unavoidable repair expenses in the future. An extended car warranty provides you peace of mind protection in the instance of these type of unforeseen costs. Some will be transferable, permitting for enhanced resale price of the car.

What about its deductible?

You must completely investigate the Palmer Auto Protection policy’s deductible before affixing your signature. Pay close attention not just to the amount, yet also whether it’s calculated at per repair or per visit. With per-visit deductibles, each visit to a shop is going to cost you a fixed quantity, regardless of the amount of repaired components; per-repair deductibles apply to every serviced part. What sounds as if it’s a negligible difference might, under specific circumstances, lead to a serious strain on your wallet.

What kind of car warranty should you purchase?

Powertrain Warranty: It’ll cover only thetransmission, engine, and driver train parts. The drivertrain will include all of the parts by which oil flows. There are around 29 parts in this. It’s said that these parts failure rate is less. There will include around an average of 1000 parts within an automobile. The powertrain doesn’t cover most of the parts, it isn’t recommended.


A bumper to bumper warranty: It’ll cover almost all of the parts from the front bumper to back bumper. It has an exclusion list that has the parts which aren’tcovered underneath the warranty. Seeing a list of parts that are excluded will make the selection a lot simpler without any complications.

Named Component Warranty: It’ll cover major mechanical systems on an automobile. All parts which don’t come in the system aren’t covered by the warranty. Notation: There will include some provides which sell the same type of policies listed above and discuss bumper to bumper. It might be poor coverage, which can be deceptive. None of the warranty will cover consumer products such as windshield wipers, brake pads etc. Extended car warranty packages also provide travel reimbursement plans and roadside assistance.