Tips to Sell Your Used Car at a Better Price

Planning to sell your used car?

One of the most important considerations while selling is the market for your used car. You should always research the kind of people who are likely to buy your car. In other words, you should be able to know the finances, tastes, options and priorities of your target market.

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Price it reasonably
Once the intended research comes to a close, find out the asking price of your car. Here again, you need to do research regarding an optimum price you are going to charge. For this, you might go through the classifieds of local newspapers looking for a comparable vehicle. You might also browse the Internet for ‘used vehicle sections’ in car selling websites. By doing so, you can get an idea of the asking price range according to the model and make of your car.

Once you get an idea of the price range in the market, the aspects you should take into account are mileage, the condition of the vehicle, or special features – if any. Also, remember to add the cost of repairs such as spare part replacement, painting, replacement of tires, engine replacement, etc.

After deciding upon your price, make the tag price a little higher, allowing the buyer room to negotiate.

Make it vacuuming, cleaning, etc.
Once you are prepared to sell your car, take the time to enhance its appearance. External clean-up like having your car washed and painted, or removing major dents or scratches is essential. The trunk should also be empty. Then make sure to change all oils used in the engine, if required.

The interior should also look tidy. The easiest way to get the interiors cleaned is to vacuum them. But, if necessary, you could also get the carpet, upholstery and seat covers cleaned by a professional (or have them replaced with new ones). Remove any clutter and stickers. And finally, use a car perfume to make the buyer feel good about the interior.

Places to sell
Once your car is ready for sale, you need to decide where to sell it.Put your offer in the classifieds of one or more local newspapers, newsletters or magazines. While doing so, you should be careful enough to word your advertisement properly. In your ad you should include how the car looks, the price, specifications, etc. If your ad is not worded properly, you may repel prospective buyers. It is also important to give your vehicle’s number and your contact details clearly.

Negotiate the price
In the event someone wants to buy your car, you may need to negotiate the price. During negotiations, you should speak to the prospective buyer in a way that leads to a successful deal. If you find it hard to get a buyer to pay the price you want, your best option may be to sell the car through a dealership.

Though dealer charges for the service they render to you, there are benefits to not having to negotiate personally with a buyer. These benefits greatly overshadow the cost of having a dealer sell your car for you.

Check your state laws and finalize the deal
Selling your car to someone leads to the transition of ownership. Hence, you should make sure all of the necessary paperwork is ready. This may include documents regarding the transfer of title, smog checking statement, odometer testing, etc. Make sure to check for any changes in State and Federal laws regarding motor vehicle ownership, maintenance, operation, etc. If you find them, you should have the proof of being compliant with them.

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