Tips for Saving Money While Traveling by Automobile

Ever since the automobile won the hearts of millions and became widely available early into the 20th century, cars have been used for thousands of road trips throughout the globe. There are many exciting destinations waiting for you to explore them. Don’t let the soaring price of gasoline be a hindrance: learn to save money while travelling by car and your perception of road trips will never be the same again.

Make a ‘pit-stop’ part of the itinerary

If you travelling by car to a far destination and anticipate that you may stop once or twice along the way then plot where you’d do so. If you see a desirable point along the way, make it a rest point. For example, say you are driving through Connecticut, why not stop at the St. Leonards (Norwalk) for some good times between you and your family. Think of how fun it would be. The ‘pit stop’ allows you to budget your cash properly. At the end of the day, you keep tabs on your finances thereby helping save.

Get city tourist cards

You spend a chunk of money buying gas for the car, visiting popular joints and so much more. Did you know that with a city tourist card you can save a lot of cash? How so? You get discounted or even free access to points of interest like museums or nature parks. Then you can use the money saved into better use elsewhere.


Prep your car

How does this help you save money? Well, a well maintained ride won’t let you down by breaking down in the middle of your road trip. No emergency calls to a breakdown service. No repairs. No wasted time. So before embarking on the trip check if the brakes are working, tire pressure is at an optimal level, indicators and every component is in good shape. Consider car hire if you’ll be travelling more than 1000 miles. This way you avoid tear and wear on your car. In case you ram into another car then sort out the mess with the help of a professional car accident lawyer. Abels&Annes will help you overcome your legal woes.

Locate deals on meals and accommodation

Meals and accommodation come second to gas in terms of expenditure. For the best deals, talk to your travel agent and have them organize for something early enough. Last minute bookings tend to be overpriced. You might even cash in coupons for amazing deals. The bottom line is, plan early.

Save on gas

Saving on gas is in essence the holy grail of successful road trips. The average cost for a gallon of gas varies from one place to another. It won’t do you any harm to check out the best prices of gas at different buddies. Go to your phone’s browser and search the zip code. Remember to bring a map along with you lest you get lost while finding the best deals on gas.

These are the best ways of saving some money while travelling by a car. Everything may not be exhausted but these tips should give you a head start.