Three Car Features that Improved Driver Safety in 2016

Preventing accidents is often paramount in the minds of drivers when they get behind the wheel. No one goes out to drive somewhere thinking that they want to be in an accident on a given day. Car features that help improve driver safety and the safety of their passengers are the features many drivers look for when they’re thinking of getting a newer car. Fortunately, there are features that were put in place as recently as 2016 to greatly enhance safety.

Three of the Best Safety Enhancing Features found in Cars Today

The most common things that are improved with the newest, most advanced safety features are driver’s visibility, braking capability and their ability to react quickly enough when an obstacle presents itself in order to avoid an accident. The newest safety features today are created to enhance these important driver abilities. Three safety features that perform this function well include:

– Blind Spot Monitors – This includes blind spots on the sides of vehicles and even more importantly, in back of the vehicle where a small child could be playing or could try to run across the back of the car as it’s getting ready to back up. Sound alerts and flashing lights on a vehicle’s side mirrors are two of the most common ways to warn drivers that something is in their blind spot

– Braking Assist and Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) – Automatic braking features a component that senses when a car is about to be involved in a collision and acts automatically to apply brakes. This is especially helpful if the driver doesn’t react quickly enough to a pedestrian, another vehicle or an obstacle. Braking assist goes into effect when a driver suddenly applies the brakes and acts so that braking can be done safely without the wheels having a chance to lock up

– Lane Departure Warning Systems – Warn drivers when they’re about to drift over into another lane with audible warning chimes, or even with blinking lights on the car’s side mirrors. Some systems also create a vibration in the driver’s seat or in the steering wheel to let the driver know they’re not staying in their lane

The Best Place to Turn in the Event of an Accident

Sometimes even with all the bells and whistles in place to help prevent accidents, the unthinkable still happens. This is when it’s good to know you have reliable help and advice from places like Ladah Law Firm. Expertise is important when it comes to being reimbursed in the case of an accident.

You may need compensation for injury, time off work, damages to your vehicle, injuries to passengers, or even property damage. Consulting an expert is always the recommended path to take when there’s been an accident.

A New Safety Feature Coming Up!

In the future, it’s expected that vehicles will become safer due to the implementation of new technologies. One technology that will be found in all vehicles in 2018 is standard rear view cameras. The vehicles that already have these cameras are getting positive reviews from satisfied users. In addition, there are even advanced cameras that give a full 360 degree view to drivers all around the vehicle, decreasing the chances of accidents even more.

Today, this camera system becomes activated when a driver places the car in reverse. In the future, it may go into effect for other driving maneuvers as well. Cameras are notoriously good parking aids, as well as helping to spot a pedestrian or a small child in the blind spot behind the vehicle. Accident prevention is a combination of safety features and increased driver awareness working hand in hand to make our roads safer.