Things You Should Have on Your Motorcycle Pre-Ride Checklist

How many times do you check your motorcycle before riding? Not only is it a legal requirement, but it is also a simple task that can save lives. While some of the items on this checklist may seem common sense, many people tend to forget the small things that matter. A quick pre-ride check helps you find and correct problems with your motorcycle before they escalate to costly repairs, or worse.

Besides, motorcycle accidents are caused by several factors including defective parts, according to Boling Rice Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyers. As a rider, you are legally required to check your bike before taking it out on the road. Claiming that you did not know that something was not working is no excuse. Here is a list of things to look for before every ride to be safe.

#1: Check for Leaks

Go round the motorbike and look for fluid, water or oil leaks. Inspect radiator and engine hoses for marks that indicate lubricant loss. Pass a finger over the exposed areas of forks looking for oil that could be a sign of broken fork seals.

#2: Check Throttle and Levers

The throttle, brake and clutch levers should have a bit of free play, but not too much. A throttle that feels too tight means that you rev the motorbike while turning the handlebars to the side; something you do not want to occur, especially as you navigate corners. Ensure that the brake pedal or lever activates the brake light before the cable is engaged to give people behind you ample warning.

While on the brakes, the lever or pedal should not move past the resistance point. If this happens, the pads may be worn out, or there is a leak in your hydraulics. Either way, take your bike to a trusted mechanic and have the braking system checked over properly.

#3: Tires

Always check the pressure on your tires when they are cold since heat tends to increase pressure. Check for recommended cold tire pressure levels on the manual or chain guard. Check your tires for signs of wear and confirm that the tread is not more than 1.5mm deep at the most worn out part.

Also, inspect rims for cracks or dings. If your bike has spokes, hit them gently with a spanner. Loose spokes tend to emit a dull sound. Tighten loose spokes but make sure that you are not compensating for a dented rim.

#4: Electrics

Switch on the bike’s ignition and check whether the headlight is emitting low and high beams, indicators are working at the front and back, as well as the taillight. Check whether the horn is working. Start your bike and check the battery indicator. If the battery is faulty, it will not get better; it is better to replace it now before you are stranded somewhere.

#5: Riding Gear

Before you head out, inspect your riding gear and ensure that it is in good condition. Damaged or worn helmets, boots and protective wear are a safety concern that can significantly impact your riding abilities.

There are several things you should check on before you ride, but this checklist should only take a couple of minutes before each ride. Make safety your number one priority and check your motorcycle regularly to minimize chances of a breakdown, and running into trouble with the law. This checklist will also ensure that you enjoy the freedom of two-wheel riding longer.