Things To Do To Look After Your Car

Looking after your car is vital if you want it to last a long time. While new cars need less attention than older ones, all cars need for you to be aware of what’s going on rather than just taking it for a regular car service. New York and Los Angeles driving can both be particularly tough on a car, so especially if you live in either of these big cities, make a point of looking after you car.

Get It Serviced Regularly

If you have a new car such as 2017 Mazda 3 you should get it serviced every 20,000 km, and if it’s an older car you should have it checked out every 10,000 km or once every 6 months. Having the oil changed and the oil filter replaced will not only improve the performance of your car but will help prevent more serious problems arising later on.

Do Your Own Checks

While you are going to want a professional to do the main servicing of your car, you should do a quick check of the basics every second time you fill up with petrol. Make sure the water and oil levels are good, as running out of either of these can be fatal for your beloved vehicle. It’s also important to check your tire pressure regularly as having properly inflated tyres will ensure that the steering remains responsive as well as keep your petrol consumption low.

Keep The Tank Full

Make sure your petrol tank doesn’t get below a quarter full, as if it gets too low, the sediment at the bottom of the tank will get mixed in with the petrol and risk jeopardizing your engine. Keeping the tank on the fuller side will help maintain a flow of quality, crud free petrol to be working for your car.

Get Security

It is worth investing in some type of security for your car, even if just to at as a deterrent against break in. Unless you own a luxury sports car, its probably not worth spending a fortune on an alarm system, though at least pick up a club-style lock. These locks will make your car too much hassle for the potential thief to bother with, and can be the difference between becoming a victim and not.

Keep It Clean

Show your car some love and give it a good regular clean, both inside and out. Consider getting seat covers too as they will prevent the original interior from suffering nasty stains. You can always replace the covers but it is a way bigger problem if the actual seat is soiled. Washing your car can also help prevent corrosion and the deterioration of the paint job.

Drive Safely

Don’t be an idiot. Drive safely and don’t take unnecessary risks with your car. Some accidents are unavoidable, though the majorities are the result of poor driving. Lessen the chance of damage to your car by at least ensuring your driving is good.