The True Cost of Vehicle Theft

Can you imagine life without your private vehicle? Have you ever dealt with the terrible situation of your car or any other private vehicle theft? We all are heavily dependent on our vehicle and for this; we need to make some special security efforts. It is pretty hard indeed to imagine a day without our car as this precious motor vehicle makes it possible to get here and there with easy and complete comfort. It is tough to state but people do face an awful situation of their vehicle getting lost.


A stolen car is not all about facing huge financial loss but the true cost of vehicle theft is huge and hard to calculate.

  1. Bad Emotional Impact – When your vehicle gets stolen, without any doubt you face a series of negative emotions. You do get upset and shocked. It is terrible indeed when you get targeted and a wrong person is chasing out in order to grab the opportunity of picking your car. Car stolen is just like dealing with a horrible situation which will definitely have a huge negative impact on your children. After the theft, you don’t want kids outside the home alone as your house might be the next target. Vehicle theft is not all about losing an expensive car as there are many guys who keep rings and other important stuff which is unlikely to recover.

Some of the people do get completely cut off without their vehicle. They do live in distant places and really find it hard to get in touch with local shops or known ones due to lost car. This will only result in loneliness which is hard to digest.

  1. Inconvenience – We all buy a car or vehicle for convenience. With a vehicle, it becomes possible to spend quality time with your friends and family members at different locations. It is pretty tough to imagine a convenient day without a car as all our activities like reaching to the office, executing shopping, dropping kids to school and much more are affected. A stolen vehicle is just like becoming a handicap as most of our daily activities do get disturbed badly.


  1. Huge Financial Loss – Getting a car is all about investing your hard earned money in your dream vehicle. Naturally, stolen car will result in negative financial impacts. The financial loss goes much beyond the true value of the car as now you are forced to make use of public transport or pay for the petrol when you take a lift. On many occasions, the vehicle theft just takes place after full service will result in all money down the drain.

As mentioned the true value of vehicle theft is hard to calculate but the reveal points will give you a fair idea about both emotional and financial impacts. In order to ensure complete security of our vehicle, we must make use of a quality GPS tracker along with a GPS tracking software and get it insured from a reliable insurance company.