Telescopic Forklift And Their Featured Parts – Know The Benefits Of Hiring The Truck

Telescopic forklift is one of the mobile equipment kinds that have made quite a name from the time they have hit the market. It is actually a new generation equipment that was introduced with the goal of making the life of employees in the construction industry quite simple.

Telescopic forklift are actually quite powerful, practical, potent and even used for many purposes. The forklift is actually considered as the class 7 industrial trucks and is best suited for the forklift works that are associated with terrain areas. It is actually the most opted forklift for mud areas, as it can handle four-wheel drive. When compared to the straight-mast forklift, telescopic forklift is actually in great demand in the construction field today.

Nowadays you can find the usage of telescopic forklift in many places such as road and bridge construction, industries that work with oil and gas preparation, roofing, framing, general construction, commercial, demolition, steel erection, masonry, retail, etc.

Parts of Telescopic Forklift

There are many parts in telescopic forklift and are described below.

  • Load Capacity

Telehandler of the truck is designed with the capacity to hold higher loading capacity. The capacity of the teleskooplaadur (telescopic loader) differs in each truck and the loading capacity might vary from 2600kg to 2300kg.

  • The Boom

The telescopic handlers are installed with a unique feature called Zoom Boom. This unit can lift objects from horizontal to an angle of about 70 degrees. The unit can even lift the objects 30 feet above the ground layer, and the height sometimes depend on the actual weight of the telescopic model that the truck is lifting.

The forklift arm Zoom Boom can be easily moved forward and backward and can cover the distance of about 8 feet.

  • The Carriage

The forward lifting of the forklifts are comparatively far than the other forklifts that are used in the construction business today. This is all thanks to the telehandlers that are installed onto the forklift arms. You can lift objects with the help of these carriages almost as if the lifted products are parallel to the ground. You can easily find the telescopic forklifts for rent for any construction related works in your company or house.

Benefits of Telescopic Forklift Usage

There are many benefits of using these forklifts in various fields and some are listed below.

  • The forklift can lift and even carry objects for about 45 feet from the ground level. Hence, it can easily carry any item directly to the location of construction in the construction works.
  • Forward telehandling of the required objects in the construction plots become easier and this is all thanks to the telescopic forklift trucks.
  • The angle of the Zoom Boom unit can be easily locked as a safety measure, when not in use. This in-turn keeps the axle part of the truck in safer position, till their help is required for lifting items.

When compared with the other available forklifts for construction job, telescopic forklifts are actually in great demand today.