Specialist Van Insurance Policies for Commercial Use

Not all insurance policies for vans are the same and this is because each individual will need specific levels of coverage for themselves, their van and their goods in transit. What we are going to outline are the specialist insurance policies that are out there as well as the optional add-ons that you may wish to take out with your insurer.

Courier Insurance

This is one of the largest growing businesses within the delivery industry and for that reason there are specific courier van insurance policies available within the UK. This type of insurance is different to your regular man and van policy because you need to be covered for high mileage, multiple stops on route and sometimes the transportation of high value goods.

Haulage & HGV Insurance

If you are a HGV driver by occupation or you will need to drive a haulage truck for a short period of time e.g. to remove furniture from your home, you will want to make sure that you’re covered, make sure you find cover that will protect you in most circumstances

The majority of HGV vans and haulage lorry’s will be insured by the company that they come from, what may not be covered is yourself. In the event of an accident you will need a reliable policy provider that will cover you for the majority of events.

Truck Insurance

Although you can insure a pick up truck for domestic purposes, in the UK they are more commonly used for commercial purposes. The pick up truck is the perfect hybrid between a car and a lorry with the functionality of a flatbed to transport large goods.

If you are looking into purchasing a commercial pickup or a recovery truck, be sure to look into the specific insurance groups for each make and model as they differ greatly throughout this type of vehicle.