Right Time to Change from Winter Tyres to Summer Tyres

Tyres required during winter season is different as compared to summer season and therefore, if you want to enjoy your driving during summer months then you must know the right time to change the tyres.

Before going any further, let us first try to understand the difference between summer and winter tyres. As a matter of fact, the rubber compounds used during the construction of tyres are different for summer and winter climate. The temperature condition of the road is quite different during winter due to accumulation snow debris during peak winter months. Tyres that are needed during summer are so designed that they run better at temperature of 7ᵒC and above. Such tyre will become too hard during winter and it will be very difficult to drive the vehicle with such tyre during winter.

Winter tyres are just reverse to the above and it works well only during the temperature below 7ᵒC. and at higher temperature they will heat up and also wear out very fast. Also, it will be less effective when brakes are used and therefore it is not at all safe to drive with such tyres during summer time.

Also, the treads of summer and winter tyres are quite different from each other. Winter tyres have smaller slits on the tread as compared to summer tyres which is much deeper. Therefore, it has much better grip in snow fall condition, however becomes less effective when summer starts. Therefore, it is not recommended to use winter tyres during summer months.

Now the important question is when you should decide rehvivahetus means in English, the tire change to winter tyres into summer tyres?

  1. Check the conditions of your tyre. With proper observation in the condition of tyre, you can decide that it is right time to change your tyre.
  2. Check the tread of the tyre which should be minimum 1.6 mm in UK. If during summer months the tread is little less than 3 mm then the performance of the tyre totally gets changed.

Above two factors are most important to check while deciding to change winter tyres to summer tyres. In order to confirm the actual time to change you must consult any tyre service professionals who can offer you much better advice based on their experience.

Another thing to remember is when you are keeping the replaced tyres in the garage then they should be properly balanced. The vehicle’s suspension system may be adversely affected if tyres are not balanced properly and as a result the tyres may have uneven wear out. In such case, you will need to replace your tyre much earlier than necessary. Also, you need to maintain proper tyre pressures on all the tyres. If you fail to maintain the pressure then neither will you get proper speed and traction/braking properties will also be affected. There will be higher fuel consumption too.

Now you must change your winter tyres as soon as average temperature of the day goes above 7ᵒC. It is difficult to specify any particular date as climate changes do not happen on any particular date in such a precise manner. March and April are the months when this activity has to be done.

Author’s Bio:

This Guest Post has been written by Randy Fike. For better driving and life of your tyres, you must always consider for rehvivahetus (tire change) at proper time, so that your journey on road becomes a pleasurable experience for you and your family.