Reasons Window Tinting can Help you Save Money


Adding window tint to your car enhances appearance; however, it does a lot more than this. If applied by a professional, window tint can help in increasing resale value and serve as passenger protection from flying glass. Before you get it completed, it is imperative to do some research. Here are some reasons window tinting can add value to your car.

It Saves you Money

Over your vehicle’s life, window tinting can save you money. You should know that running your vehicle’s AC causes it to burn more gas. As you flip the switch that engages the AC, you engine tends to work harder in order to make up for the extra workload and increases consumption of gas. There is as much as 20% increase in output which means up to 20% reduction in your miles per gallon or MPG. Window tint minimizes the need for AC and saves you MPG.

There are Many Window Tinting Services Out There

Window tinting is a big business. People today look to save money in this challenging economy and Tech Teinte Vitre Teintées is another way to achieve this. It is imperative to always look for the most dependable installer before you hire one. Here are some things you look for in a window tint installer.


  • Multiple locations. Usually, having many locations is an excellent sign that a company does quality work and has a growing business.
  • Warranty. Does a company’s tint have a warranty included in the installation? The majority of window tint comes with a warranty for the product through the maker; however, when the tint does not last or the installer makes a mistake, ensure the installer will stand behind his installation.
  • $99 Fly by Night Offers. Some people stand on street corners and hold big signs or advertise their good deal online. However, this is often a great deal. Window tint does not have to be pricy to be good but usually the tint itself will cost you over $99 when it is a top shelf. Find brand names used by trusted window tint installers.

Easy Maintenance

As with other things on your vehicle, regular maintenance lets your window tint last for years. And to keep your window tint in the best possible shape, you can simply look for any bubbles in your window that may have surfaced and avoid using a cleaner with ammonia.