Pros and Cons of Airbags in an Accident

During a car collision accident, passengers usually continue to move forward just like the car was moving. The worst thing is that they continue to move with the same speed that the vehicle was moving at the time of the collision or any other accident. This is one factor that leads to severe injurious especially if the passengers did not have airbags or seat belts. Most people have been arguing as to whether airbags offer the bets solution in such instances. A car accident attorney acts as a great resource to advice you as to whether it is worth having airbags in your car or not. In addition, the lawyer can assist you take the legal steps in case you are involved in a car collision. To understand more about this issue of airbags, let us look at their pros and cons.


Provide the right safety cushion

When you are involved in a car collision it is always important to have something that cushions you from the impact involved. Airbags act as great safety device because during the collision they usually inflate to cushion you. The good thing is that after the explosion, they respond fast by inflating immediately to offer the safety needed. This means that they help save lives in most accidents.

Ensure even distribution of crash forces

One thing that leads to severe injuries and deaths after a collision is the concentration of crash forces in one area of the body. Air bags help because they ensure that the crash forces are distributed in an even manner across the body. This reduces the risk of death or injuries as compared to when the impact of the collision is localized or focused in just one part of the body. Air bags have the ability to lessen this impact by spreading it, thus reducing its effects.

Reduce forward momentum during an accident

Airbags are very helpful when it comes to front end car wrecks. This is because they have the ability to counter your forward movement speed and ensure that you do not smash your face on the dashboard or the steering wheel. The other good thing is that most of the modern car models have side curtain airbags to offer protection in case of rollovers or side impacts.


Cause injuries or deaths

There are instances when the airbags despite being used as a safety device might lead to injuries or even death. This mostly occurs when a passenger is unrestrained, unconscious or seated very close to the airbag. Serious injuries might result when the airbag deploys or inflates. The explosion of the airbag can also cause bruises.

Risk for children

Several studies have shown that airbags can be a hazard for children seated on the front passenger seat during an accident. This mostly happens because most children do not know how to react when an accident occurs, so they always become victim of the explosion by the airbags. So, parents must ensure safety precautions are taken to prevent such injuries.