Promotor Rent a Car Bucharest wants to extend its partners network in all towns from Romania

After a year in which the demand on the market of car rental services has considerably grew, Promotor Rent a Car Bucharest has decided to extend it’s partnership network in all the towns of Romania. Also, the company states that by now, the partenerships made with local renting operators have proven to bring important benefits to both sides.

Promor Car Rental Bucharest is a national company with an experience of over 10 years in the field of car rentals and offers its clients various services, from car transfers, long term car rentals to limousine rentals, bigcars and other cars wich are available along with the services of a professional driver. Offering not only cheap car hire, but also touristic facilities which include discount packages in many hotels and restaurants, the company has managed to grow considerably through the fidelity programmes and through the investments made in quality and professionalism.

Starting with the employees permanent instruction programmesand finishing with the periodic offers which bring in different moments of the year discounts even up to 50% of a car rental’s price, there are a lot of advantages through which the company has managed to attract more and more clients and to be different on the market.

In the same time, the rent a car romanian company is also distinguished by the fact that it does not impose a limit of kilometres for the rented cars and through the fact that it does not have hidden taxes, a fact which is one of the most important complaints sustained by those who choose rental services. Therefore, in the price of renting which is displayed on the Promotor Rent a Car site are included the tax on the added value (TVA), the airport parking tax as well as the shipping.

After the success had by making a series of partenerships with the local operators and after it has managed fast to extend at a national level, Promotor Rent a Car Bucharest Otopeni Airport announces that it wants to get in touch with many local companies which offer rent a car services and which want to extend their business.

Promotor Rent a Car has been successfully active for more than 10 years on a pretty competitive market, where rent a car romaniancompanies have managed, through making some strong partnerships, to create a serious competition to the multinationals. Putting an accent on the transparency and flexibility through which it adapts to its customer’s needs, Promotor Rent a Car is, also, a rent a car services supplier which does not have suplimentary taxes for cancelling the reservation.