Prestige Auto Care The New Name in Luxury Auto Care


With most auto care products on the market being sub-par, Prestige Auto Care was determined to be different. They began with a mission to create a premium solution to the constant dust problem of resident within the western US encountered. The end result was a premium car duster without the wax residue of other brands, such as the California Car Duster.

Their Car Dusters are made with a super soft microfiber that uses a static charge pick up dust and dirt in just one sweep. This static charge makes the duster effective without leaving behind any streaks behind like a California car duster. The problem with wax-coated dusters is that it allows the duster to pick up heavier particles and drag them across the car. This can cause micro surface scratches in the clear coat.


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The highlights of their car duster include:

  1. It’s risk free – The company offers a 30 day no questions asked return policy.
  1. The ability to save time and money each week – Their car duster allows you to go longer in between car washes.
  1. Simple operation – One sweep and your done.

A few of their excellent reviews for their Premium Car Duster include:

“I’ve had other car dusters, but this is the best! Catches and holds all the little dust particles which usually fly around with other dusters. Small enough to keep in the car out of the way but handy. Great little duster!”

“I really didn’t expect a whole lot from this duster, but I needed something to quickly clear light dust from my garage-kept Jaguar XK8 on some mornings. I must say this product is exactly as advertised. It removes light dust very quickly from the cars paint surfaces and seems to attract the dust and make it ‘stick’ to the fabric of the duster. I’ve also noticed that, after using this duster, the dust does not gather on the paint as quickly as it has in the past. I’m not sure what the duster could have done to cause that, but it is definitely not gathering dust as quickly now. The extension handle makes using it very convenient. I would definitely recommend this product.”


“I was totally impress by the Prestige Premium Care Duster. I have used the California duster until now, but it leaves red felt particles behind. The Prestige doesn’t leave any particles behind and it actually picked up the red felt the California duster left. I prefer the roundness of the Prestige as oppose to the flat style. It works great on my classic Camaro around the spoiler and bumpers. I highly recommend this product for all car enthusiast!”

“I purchased two dusters, based on all the strong reviews, but I was still quite surprised when they arrived, because I was expecting something light, like a Sw*ffer! These dusters are quite ‘serious’ in their weight and construction. I am especially impressed that the microfibers are so thick and that the end of the duster is thickly constructed, so that when you use it, you do not have any worries about any scuffs or scratches. The telescoping handle makes it easier to dust all parts of the cars….esp. the roof.

We park our vehicles in a large parking garage. The dust is terrible, particularly because the building is still under construction, but the Ultra Premium Car Duster quickly and safely removes the dust outside and inside the car.
I was so impressed with the product, that I tried it on the larger items in the house, and I successfully dusted my blinds, baseboards and fans!

The duster comes with a care card for washing instructions, and the directions seem simple enough. The product appears to be very durable.”