Preparing your Broken Car for a Profitable Sale

Your damaged car should not be considered as a total loss. There are many things you can do in order to make the most out of it instead of having it ended in the junk. Most car experts have fused their ideas on how to prepare and sell broken car profitably.

Seller’s Checklist

You might not have planned ahead but reviewing the checklist below will help you provide an added value to your car:

  • If your car has been stored in the garage for a while, take it out, clean the battery and replace it if it has been there for a few years or so.
  • Have the mechanical fluids and the oil serviced. Smart buyers usually check these parts seeing to it that they are clean and maintained.
  • The buyer will also inspect the hoses and belts. It is better if you can have them replaced before you sell damaged car .
  • Never allow the vehicle to look cluttered by removing all devices and accessories which did not originally come with it. For example, you might want to uninstall the GPS, radar detectors, cell phones and players. These could be some added value but these can be offered after the inspection.
  • Fix all parts that can be done by you easily. If the handles, knobs and switches are not working properly, the buyer will have an impression that the vehicle was not properly maintained.


Used Car Conditions

  • Excellent – A car is considered excellent is it looks new, it has great mechanical condition, free of dust, clean title history, no fluid leaks and no visible defects. It will also be an added point if the service records are verifiable and complete.
  • Good – A good vehicle condition is characterized with the absence of major defects, clean body and interior, no blemishes, no major physical and mechanical issues, little or even no rust at all, and the tires are matching with enough tread wear.
  • Fair – You can give great value as you sell broken car but with ensured reasonable running condition. Cars under this category have tires which need to be replaced and rust damage is still repairable.
  • Poor – Poor car condition exhibit extremely severe cosmetic and mechanical defects. ; The damages could no longer be fixed and the vehicle does not have substantiated mileage.

Knowing the condition of your car will lead you to proper evaluation and pricing.

Author Bio:

Edward Mosley is a car evaluator helping those with damaged or broken vehicles to make the most out of their possession. He can definitely provide recommendations on how to improve your vehicle to be profitable in the end.