Powder Coating – The Meaning The Technology And The Advantages

Powder coating as a term refers to a method of painting which is fantastic because instead of the conventional liquid, the paint is applied in the form of free-flowing and dry powder. This helps to create a beautiful finish which is also durable and tough.

The science behind

Instrument used for spraying might be a single gun and a small oven or an automated line for painting large areas. The paint powder particles acquire an electrostatic charge which enables it to adhere to the part being coated so that on the application of heat in the oven, this coating melts forming cross-links on the surface thereby ensuring a scratch free and tough finish.

Advantages of using this

There are several advantages associated to the use of this coating like:

  • Being free from solvents, they release almost no VOC or volatile organic compounds in the atmosphere thereby making them environment friendly and safe to use. This characteristic also does away with the need to but pollution control equipments which are anyways quite costly.
  • It is possible to create thicker coatings than possible by the use of conventional paints which tend to run or sag when used in excess to create a thick coating.
  • Irrespective of whether the coating is applied in a horizontal or vertical direction, there is seldom any difference in appearance which is a common problem when used liquid paints.
  • The use of powder coating also facilitates the achievement of a wider range of special effects than possible when using conventional liquid paints.
  • The use of this coating also lessens the curing time as compared to the liquid paints.
  • Many different coloured powder can also be applied together on a surface before curing so as to achieve bleed effects and also enable colour blending.
  • The remnants of coloured powder which stay back in the gun after use on a particular structure or thing, called overstay, can be recycled and used again.
  • Since the powder used is generally a thermoset polymer or a thermoplastic, the finish obtained is also harder and tougher.

Mostly used for coating metals, this new-age technology of green paint can be effectively used to paint household utensils, bicycle parts, drum hardware etc.