News About Self-Driving Car Rules And Regulations

Self driving cars are going to be the next big thing in the evolution of automotives. Already research and testing are being conducted by many tech giants as well as car manufacturers. But as driverless cars start making inroads into the automobiles market, rules and regulations that govern automobiles and their drivers now will also have to change. You can find out a lot more about what these rules could be at Guy Galboiz .

Who is responsible; owner or manufacturer

Driverless cars are entirely too different from the cars that run on the roads at present. The traffic rules take the presence of a driver for granted and when accidents occur; unless there is a mechanical malfunction, the drivers involved are held responsible for it.

With driverless cars, things wouldn’t be as straight forward; lawmakers will have to decide if any accidents are occurring due to the owner and or passengers, or is the onus entirely on the manufacturers and trainers of the car.

Also rules have to be put in place for accidents involving a self driven car and a car with a human driver. Since it’s unlikely that all of world’s car will be replaced by self driving cars in ne go, accident liability could get really weird.

Uniform rules

Another important factor would be the presence of uniform rules throughout the country. Though a self driving car with its superior machine learning abilities will probably be able to learn and remember thousands of different rules and regulations, but if rules differ from state to state and there are any contradictions present, then things could go really bad. Uniform rules will ensure that complications are kept to a minimum and there are no fallouts due to rules that clash with each other. Creating such laws is not going to happen today, but when it does, you can find out about it at Guy Galboiz.