Maintenance Tips

We’ve all been told since a young age – if you want to keep it, take care of it. This holds true for just about everything in our lives. We take care of ourselves by making healthy food choices, exercising regularly and maintaining strong relationships. We take care of our professions by practicing a strong work ethic and keeping our skills up to date. Starting early in our careers, our financial well-being is maintained by making smart financial decisions. Taking advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons when shopping at Express is a prudent financial decision.

Auto and home maintenance should receive the same care and attention as personal maintenance. There’s an old adage that suggests you only brush the teeth you want to keep. If you plan on keeping your car and home, preventive maintenance is critical to preserving their value and worth. Have your car serviced on a regular basis as is recommended in the car’s owner’s manual. The tread on tires should be checked every five thousand miles. Gauge the tread by placing a penny between treads. The tread should rise above the head on the penny. Have the exterior of your car maintained by regularly washing off grime and debris. This will help preserve the paint job. Vacuum the interior of your car on a regular basis and wipe down vinyl and upholstery with a mild detergent.

For major home maintenance, have the heating and air conditioning systems in your home serviced every year. This will help extend their use for years. Change filters in the interior return vents and vacuum dust and debris away. This maintenance should be performed at least twice a year. Check the calking and weather stripping on doors and windows and replace if there is a draft of any sort. Avoid placing salt on walkways and driveways during snowy weather as the salt will severely erode the concrete.

Performing regular maintenance on yourself, your car and your home will ensure smooth running order for years to come. Congratulations to you on maintaining your investments!