Maintenance Tips for Chevrolet Convertibles

If you own a Chevrolet convertible, a Corvette or a Camaro, you must be knowing that the top will behave a bit different than the conventional ones. Depending upon the material that your car top is made with, you can follow the relevant methods that will ensure it lasts through the lifespan of the car itself, otherwise, an expensive change of the top can sneak into your budget. To prevent your convertible top from ripping or tearing down and from an expensive replacement of it by a professional, you can follow these steps for keeping it clean and protected from the harmful exposures. For this you might have to invest in some small high quality cleaners that are specifically made for convertible tops and are available at almost every auto part store, or at dealership stores like that of Goldsboro Chevrolet dealer .

Identify Your Convertible Top Material

If you are not sure about what is the material of your convertible vehicle top, like if it is a cloth or made of vinyl, the easiest way to find it out is by referring to the owner’s manual of the vehicle. In every owner’s manual, an indication and mention of the type of material used for the top is compulsory along with a set of recommended actions to maintain it. That is the best way to prolong the life span of the top of your convertible.

If you don’t find the instructions for some reason, here is a brief set of overall methods we are discussing to set things right for you.

Maintenance Tips for Each Material Type

As some convertible tops are consistent of vinyl windows, they can turn yellowish over time because of the exposure to sunlight and dirt. For such materials, you need to use any high quality vinyl cleaner after making sure that they are not made out of glass.

Again to determine if the convertible top is made of glass or vinyl, the best way is to see if it bends. In no circumstance a glass window will bend.

Tips for Storing Your Convertible Top

Never leave the convertible top down overnight. This is because, when a convertible top is left down, it gets tightly folded up at the deck of the vehicle. By leaving it folded for long might result in putting undue pressure on the folded lines making those parts weaker and susceptible to wearing off. Even cracks can develop in those folded lines making the convertible top tear down in no time. As it is impossible to remove these prominent lines or cracks on the convertible top, you will be left with no other option but replacing the convertible top itself.

Hence make sure to put up the top before parking your convertible for the night.

To prevent the convertible top from yellowing especially on the vinyl windows you need to start using a lens glaze. These lens glazes are actually cleaners that can be sprayed onto the vinyl surface that will remove the yellowing, cleaning of the window face again.

The expert Team Chevrolet of Goldsboro , have more such maintenance tips for you while they are always ready to service your convertible at your own convenience.