Liberty Automotive Protection Complaints About Insurance

The insurance business is tricky, a fact that is under-appreciated by most of our valued clients. Which is why we always endeavor to treat each complaint with a pinch of salt. Truthfully speaking, not every claim holds water. Insurance law has requirements which must be met before a claim is rendered successful. So yes, you might feel that we are being cold and profit oriented, but in reality, we’re simply trying to ensure that all claims are above board. As an insurance company, risk is our daily bread. As such, we can’t approve all claims as we’d be bankrupt before long. Be that as it may, a little perspective will help in clearing the air. So we’ve addressed some of the more notable complaints right here so that you may understand our position.

Who Pays For What: Comprehending The Thing Called Contributory Negligence

In law there’s this thing called contributory negligence. This is when -in the event of damage, and its latter assessment- damages are apportioned according to the degree of fault. A bit of a fuzzy concept, but it’s easier to understand with the aid of an example. Say that you have been negligent with the basic, general maintenance of your car. With time, it becomes susceptible to more than your ‘usual wear and tear’. As an insurer we are entitled, by law and considerations of what is reasonable, to refuse your claim. But because Liberty Automotive Protection Company is an institution that values justness and fairness, we at times approve such claims.

At the very least we’ll expect you to pay for labor costs. But look on the bright side, that’s a drop in the ocean compared to what we pay for regardless of your wrongdoing. In an industry where most insurers would refuse forthright, we are the diamond in the dirt: precious, but hard to spot!

Don’t Believe The Hype: Disparagement and Unfair Competition

Unfair competition is a vice that everyone in business accepts as a nagging reality, sort of like that itch you can’t scratch. My sincerest advice is: Don’t believe everything you come across on the Internet. Particularly information on random review sites, as anyone can write anything negative to tarnish the image of honest and honorable insurers like ourselves. So it isn’t uncommon for rival insurance companies to smear dirt on each other, something legally known as disparagement. Because this gives other companies an unfair advantage over others, we have gone to great lengths to fight legal battles stemming from such unethical business practices. Don’t believe the hype lest you’re swayed into the hands of such unscrupulous business enterprises, and get really shortchanged.

Numerous unverified people have been posing as former employees. Comments like “I used to work for Liberty Automotive Protection and I hated every moment of it!”, “I couldn’t stand it there.” or “I had to quit.” are irrelevant and totally misplaced.

Let our service be the benchmark and we promise you, you’ll be the first person to post something positive. However, we are not like reeds in the wind and continue tirelessly in our duty to provide our beloved clients peace of mind. Help us dismiss Liberty Automotive Protection complaints about insurance with the contempt they deserve and we’ll repay the favor be giving you quality, professional service.