Is It Time Your Teenager Got Behind the Wheel?

Have you been mulling allowing your teen to get their driver’s license and drive a family vehicle or one you buy? If the answer is yes, are you at peace with such decisions?

For some parents, permitting their teen to drive can be a tough call to make.

On the one hand, getting a driver’s license is all but a natural rite of passage as one reaches a certain age. On the flip side, some parents worry that their teens are not at that stage yet where driving is a good idea.

So, is it time for your teen to get behind the wheel?

Making the Right Call with Your Teen

In the event you do agree to allow your teenager to drive, remember a few keys:

  1. Being a responsible driver – It is your job to make sure your teen son or daughter is up to the task of driving. You can get a sense of this by how they act in school, around the home, and in other key pieces of their life. The last thing any parents wants it to have a teen not responsible enough to drive. If this happens, they can be setting themselves up for a serious accident and you for a lot of heartbreak.
  2. Finding the right vehicle – Many will end up letting their teen drive the family vehicle. You may opt to go out and buy a used vehicle for your teenager. If you do, a VIN search is worth your time . By taking the vehicle I.D. number of a prospective auto of interest, you can learn more details about the vehicle. Things such as past accidents and if it is under any recalls are but two of the important things to find out about.
  3. Steering clear of distractions – If your teen is one to get preoccupied, will that lead to an accident? One of the worst distractions when behind the wheel is texting or talking on a cell phone. As too many parents have found out, driving and using a cell phone can be a deadly combination. Be sure your teen knows the dangers involved when doing such actions.
  4. Vehicle problems – While you do not expect your teen to pay for a brake job, they should alert you to trouble. This means telling you when the brakes are squeaking or when a tire may be going flat. They should also know if they do not already how to do to check the oil levels and more basic motor needs. This is a great way to lessen the chances of a breakdown and the potential of costly vehicle repairs for you.

From looking at the VIN before you buy a car for your teen to making sure they are responsible, do your homework.

When you do, there’s less of a chance you will get taken for a ride when buying a vehicle and your teen’s life ending up in danger.