Innovative Inventions that Took Aim at Improving Overall Vehicular Safety

Innovative inventions to safeguard the occupants of the vehicle and reduce fatalities of innocent pedestrians/motorists, were initially found in high end models but now, these technologies are being incorporated in ordinary car models as well. Cars of the future would have several added features that would reduce fatalities and while this rate shall not dip to the ‘zero’ mark, it would be quite close to this magical figure. In this article, we shall discuss major inventions that have dramatically improved vehicular safety.

Innovative Vehicle Inventions to Minimize Casualties:

1) Forward Collision Systems – This is a feature that reduces the collision impact dramatically. Here, the vehicle is equipped with radar that detects the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. When the gap closes between both vehicles and you fail to apply breaks on time (maybe because you were busy chatting with your friend), the forward collision system applies emergency breaking by taking the controls of the vehicle. This system has reduced accidents by 15%.

2) Lane Departure Systems and Adaptive Lighting – While lane departure system was supposed to warn the driver that his vehicle was switching lanes without the driver’s consent, it did not work well as the rumble strips on the roads needed to be in place for it to work perfectly. Adaptive lighting on the other hand is more successful as it permits you to view even if you turn in a dark corner. This system shifts the headlights of the vehicle in sync with the car’s steering wheel.

3) Vehicular Ad Hoc Network Communication Technology (V2V)- The US Traffic Highway Safety Administration is all geared to incorporate the V2V technology for its light vehicles, so as to avoid mishaps on roads. This technology permits several cars within a certain area to communicate with each other thereby sharing their speed as well as position. The exchange of data takes place at a speed of 10 times per second. Top car manufacturers such as BMW, General Motors and Audi are working hard to develop this technology so as to avoid accidents.

4) Monocular Camera & Millimeter Wave Radar System – These two technologically advanced systems are a part of the pre-collision technology. Over here, the camera (mounted on the upper section of the car’s windshield) and the radar (positioned in the front grill of the vehicle) detects an object (such as a vehicle or a pedestrian) and gauges the distance between the car and the mysterious object. If you do not react on time, this technological innovation takes over your vehicle’s controls and applies emergency breaks.

5) Invisible Land Rover Car & Driver-less Cars – Land Rover is all set to develop a Land Rover vehicle that would enable the driver to view the digital vision of the view in front of the vehicle thereby completely hiding the bonnet in the act. This allows the driver to view the positions of the wheels of the vehicle as well as get a bird’s eye view of the path ahead. Google has gone a step ahead and launched the driver-less car that uses sensors to drive itself in cities.

Alarming Data on Road Accidents:

While advanced safety technologies are increasingly being incorporated in cars, accidents do happen. On an average, 1.3 million people die in road accidents annually and almost 50 million are injured. In the United Sates alone, over 27,000 deaths and 2.35 million injuries occur owing to road accidents on an annual basis. The cost of road accidents in the United States is a mind-blowing $230 billion annually amounting to $820 per individual. Globally, such accidents incur an annual cost of $518 billion. If this figure is not contained then by the year 2030, road deaths would be the fifth largest cause of human fatalities.

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