Importance Of Proper Oil Changes

If you are thinking to own a vehicle, then you should also know what many responsibilities will come to you. One of major responsibility is daily routine maintenance which includes number of things that your car will require. If you did not provide proper maintenance to your car, there may be chances that your car will damage within small duration. One of major maintenance is changing oil in engine of your vehicle. If you ever visited garage with your family member or friend, you may notice that mechanic changes oil which is in engine in your car. This is one of important thing that should be changed from time to time. There are many things in vehicle which need to change on time but this is one of most important thing if you want that there will be no problem in your vehicle.

You have not changed oil in your vehicle and it breaks down after some time and need to be changed because it provides lubrication to engine and prevents from heating. This is one of the ways with the help of which you can understand the Importance of proper oil changes . Oil changing in vehicle also depends on various factors like your driving way, how old your engine is and in which area you are living. Even, many surveys are conducted every year in which it shown that more than 20 % cars have dirty oil which damages engine frequently.

Top reasons are listed here which tells you importance of oil changing in car:

  1. Provides proper lubrication to engine – number of parts in vehicle like moving parts, valves, pistons and engine parts moves with the speed of car. All these components produce heat and break down all engine parts with time without oil lubrication. You may also check owner’s manual to get complete details for providing lubrication with oil change.

  1. Cools engine component – without proper lubrication, moving part will create friction that indirectly creates heat. Keeping clean and good amount of heat in your vehicle prevents it from overheating and too much friction.
  1. Dust particles and sludge removed – dust particles in oil decrease life of engine. With time, dust may also cause corrosion. With passing time, oil breaks down and will create into sludge. Main thing is to clean engine and run vehicle smoothly. Routine oil changes remove all particles from engine and keep engine in best condition.
  1. Gas mileage increased many times – if you have old oil in engine, this will create too much fuel consumption so you have to maintain clean oil in engine. Good amount and right quality of oil improves gas mileage over 1 % to 3 %. This is not so good saving but will save a lot gas in a year.
  1. Provides vehicle longevity – proper and simple routine of your vehicle will make your vehicle last longer. Engine which works hardly for long time and produce more heat may have shorter life span. Always keep good oil in engine so that your vehicle has more long life.

Changing oil regularly is a hassle task but you have to do it for having vehicle in good condition.