How to Choose the Right UTE Tool Boxes


Using UTE vehicle to deliver loads and equipment from one location to another is a requirement for your business. However, installing UTE tool boxes can make your operations more effective as these help you transport and organize tools. You can install these tool chests inside the UTE trays or even beneath the carriage. If this is your first time to buy these tool boxes, consider these tips.

  1. Find the UTE tool boxes that can offer enough room for your tools.

It’s useless to buy one or more UTE tool boxes only to find out that they cannot accommodate all of your tools. Before you make an inquiry, determine how many pieces you need to store and how much space you will require. Likewise, get the size of your UTE. In the process, you will know the right size of tool chest you can buy.

  1. Know the materials they are made of.

You will be able to increase the storage capacity of your UTE if you have UTE tool boxes available. You can keep smaller and other items beneath the tray. These toolkits are either made of steel or heavy aluminum to make sure that they have a longer life and can endure heavy usage, particularly when you are in a construction business. They can also help you secure, collect, locate and access tools and others easily – unlike before when you only let them lie around your vehicle because you have no shelves to put them.

  1. Ask yourself: Do you need heavy UTE tool boxes?

A typical tool box can weigh a maximum of 15kg but the full door steel can weigh up to 50kg and more. You may think that weight should not be a focus – but it should be because it can affect your vehicle’s fuel consumption. The heavier you get the more secure your tools will be but take note of this – the more chances of increasing your fuel consumption. Steel may provide you with the highest level of protection, but it is heavier than aluminum. Aluminum, on the other hand, may be lighter, but it can pose risk to your tools’ security.


  1. Choose the one that can be lifted without any trouble.

Buy the UTE tool boxes that you and your people can lift. However, when deciding which one to get, you try to lift an empty tool chest and ask how many kilos more of weight will be added to it and then determine if you and your men can carry them with comfort. In this way, the tool box can be carried safely.

  1. Check the seals and locks.

Inspect the seals and locks of the UTE tool boxes to ensure proper closure. You should make sure that no amount of water can get inside, particularly during rainy season so you can protect the tools from water damage. More important, you must see to it that no one can open the tool box easily and without permission.