In this digital era, Insurance sector has also gone through a major transformation. Online insurance policies are setting a new trend in the sector. It’s quite convenient, quick and easy to buy. Moreover, it costs you relatively lesser. Instant process of buying is surely a great choice available in today’s busy scheduled life.

Here is how you can buy car insurance online

  • Shop Around: When it comes to insuring your four wheeler, shopping is very much important to zero down on the best deal. It is just that you should take some time out from the busy schedule to do some research online. Shopping online is a pressure-free experience. You will have the freedom to manage and arrange your car insurance policy all by yourself. Car insurance quotes vary from insurer to insurer. Features offered also vary among insurers. Shopping around helps you know what a competitor can offer. Do some research and look for the competitive offers based on your need.
  • Provide Correct Information: Insurance provider determines your car insurance premium based on the disclosure that you make. Making a correct disclosure of information can reduce your cost of insurance. Premium is fixed based on your car’s make, model, year of purchase, place, age and occupation and many other factors. Let’s say, you have installed a safety features such as anti-theft device in your four wheeler. It’s important to disclose such installation details which can reduce your car premium by 2-3 %. In this case, anti-theft devices make your car less prone to theft or burglary and hence the insurance provider considers such information disclosed while calculating the cost of your premium.
  • Be well informed: All the information is at your disposal when you are buying car insurance online. You cannot blame anyone else later if you are not well informed. Sometimes a policy may offer some features that are irrelevant to your requirement. Hence, it’s important to read the fine prints carefully before buying to make sure your policy has only relevant features as per your need. Along with the policy features, it’s also important to consider the market credibility of insurance provider. Ensure to go for the best deal with the well known insurance provider. It matters a lot at the time of claim. Be informed about the features, exclusions and terms of the policy as you will have all the information at your disposal online.

  • Compare Policies: The best part of online shopping is you can compare the policies side by side. There are many web aggregators who provide you information and quotes of various car insurance providers on the same page. You get an array of quotes from various insurers. Scrutinize the quotes carefully especially when they are significantly cheaper. Saving money is a good thing, but you also should get top-rated customer service. It’s crucial to make use of such online tools to compare the policies based on their features, cost and renewal benefits, and online claim processing mechanism etc. Comparison shopping helps you make the best and rational choice.
  • Make a Right Choice: Four wheeler is something that makes your life simpler. And your esteemed vehicle deserves the best. It’s a challenge for you to select the best and right insurance for your car among all the lucrative options available online. Now that you have compared the quotes, features and all the other terms from various insurers, it’s important to finalize the best among them that suits your need. Ensure to opt for the e-policy that is cost efficient, economical and value for money. Consider the additional riders/ features policy can offer, no claim bonus and the cashless facility offered by the insurance provider to ensure hassle-free claims in the case of need.


To sum it up, online car insurance policies are surely gaining lot of popularity with the instant process, reasonable cost, and simplicity and convenience factors attached to it. It’s quite easy to shop car insurance policies online. You just have to do some research, compare and scrutinize the offers carefully to make an informed and rational buying decision.

Go green, save your valuable time and money!