How to Avoid an Accident with Drunk Drivers

Drinking and driving is one of the most dangerous things a person could do. Unfortunately, it is a huge problem among teens and adults combined. The board of traffic control has tried to address the issue to the best of their problem, but there is only so much you can do. The change ultimately come from home and the individual people. Attorneys have been holding clinics to talk to parents of new drivers about addressing the issues with their children. One attorney has said that just knowing that their parents know that drinking is an issue with teens has helped the situation.

The biggest part of keeping teens from driving drunk is letting them know they can call for help. Most teens drive drunk because they think they will get in trouble if they call home for a ride. Parents need to assure them that they will be in less trouble for calling for help than driving drunk. Parents are probably going to punish kids for underage drinking, but begin grounded for a few weeks is better than hurting someone, or yourself. Kids know the speech that drinking and driving puts others at harm and themselves, but when the event of being drunk and maybe driving home occurs, the biggest thing on their mind is fear. They are not thinking clearly and are more worried about getting home and staying out of trouble than doing the safest thing.

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Slow Down

We are in such a rush to get to where we’re going that sometimes we don’t manage to get where we’re going at all. Instead of having your car ride be a frenzied rush, leave early when you know you must be somewhere on time. Drive the speed limit or under-after all, speed limits are not arbitrarily assigned, nor are they indicators of a minimum speed you should be driving. Let other drivers pass you. By slowing down, you give yourself more time to react should a crisis occur, and you also reduce any potential impact speed on your part.

Leave Enough Space

Most if not all rear-end collisions could be avoided if the driver following the other car would have just left enough space to stop. There are times when other drivers will be forced to stop abruptly, and you want to have enough time and space to react and stop without stopping in another person’s rear bumper. The experts usually recommend a two second window between one car passing a stationary object and your car doing the same.

Space also refers to the space around you. Be conscious of other drivers and their ability to see you. Don’t hover right next to another car if it can be avoided, and definitely work to stay out of another driver’s blind spot. Leave space for you to react and for other drivers to see you.

Reduce Distractions

In many states, it’s illegal to text and drive, and in some it’s even illegal to talk on the phone and drive. There’s a reason for that: distractions like phones are causing more and more accidents. When you’re distracted, it’s difficult to keep your eyes on the road and pay attention to other drivers, which means it’s more likely that an accident will occur. Distractions aren’t limited to phones, however. Anything from a flashy billboard to friends in the car to changing the music can be a distraction for drivers. While it’s impossible to remove all distractions when we’re driving, we can do what we can to reduce the distractions in our cars. Turn off the phone. Pick music you can listen to the entire drive.