How self-driving cars change the future of the road and travel

In the age of carriages and horses, no one would have thought of an object that would push itself than Karl Benz came along and defied the norm after this commodity changed the world and a whole new market began to grow and take over the world. Now in the age of modernization and digitization, we are not satisfied with the cars we have but we want more, we want the cars to drive themselves while we sit back and watch. Without a doubt this is going to impact the foreseeable future, and if the past is anything to go on than we are surely going to see this market grow and grow.

What will change?

Self-driving cars offer a lot to the road that humans might not, and this is a good thing for us! The first and most obvious is the fact that we do not have to deal with traffic, road rage will decrease significantly if we do not have to have to do anything. Besides doing nothing self-driving cars offer a major reduction in traffic congestion for many reasons. For one humans, depending on the age, have different reactions times, and traffic might begin to clog because we either don’t know when to enter a roundabout or maybe we sleep on the green light and therefore fewer cars can go through and a culmination of these reasons create rush hour, along with the massive number of cars in the area. What self-driving cars offer is a removal of this human error. Self- driving cars would drive with the required speed limit, would leave exactly when the green light hits and would enter a roundabout at the perfect point to not disturb the person behind and in front of you, in doing so it would create efficiency and safety on the roads.

Safety is what companies are striving for when it comes to self-driving cars, a lot of people die due to accidents on the road and the stories are truly tragic, by reducing human error, accidents will drastically decrease.

We have traffic because humans lack efficiency, so if you remove humans driving and place computers instead efficiency is created. Not to mention, that in doing so car crashes would take a drastic dip because car crashes happen due to lack of awareness and/or responsibility

Travelling Will Change

Some people prefer the destination to the journey, and some prefer the journey rather than the destination, but people can agree on the fact that driving long hours is extremely tiring, driving long hours is as bad as drinking and driving, because you are not aware, your senses are not at their finest and you might even sleep on the wheel which can be detrimental to other people.

Having self-driving cars will ultimately remove you from being constantly aware and therefore travelling might be a lot easier. People travel long distances for many reasons, either family, vacation, friends, or some commodity like a casino which is not in your county or neighbourhood and therefore have to drive around 2 hours to get there. Alternatively if you do not wish to spend long hours in the car you can try online gaming where sites have the same games you’d wish to play in a casino but at the comfort of your own home, here is a review of Americas Cardroom , a site where you can play poker and relax at your own house, without driving all the way up to the casino and back down again, unless you enjoy driving long hours!

Within a generation or two, steering wheels, gas, clutch and brake pedals might seem like a relic for the past , we can never know for sure what is going to happen in the future but it seems that it is heading in that direction and all we can do is sit and watch as technology, travel and driving changes in front of our eyes.