How many miles can you drive over your oil change?

If you have been constantly changing your oil, you must have come across the 3-month 300-mile oil rule. Various vehicle servicing shops prefer using the rule and this is considered to be the standard one. In the earlier days, experts used to believe that it plays one of the key roles. Changing your oil from time to time is very necessary and you will need to pay some amount for it. Also, it is necessary to spend some time of your day in order to take your vehicle for an oil change. However, that rule is quite outdated. The cars and vehicles of the new generation have been designed to help you go over your oil change.

Why do cars last long between oil changes?

The car oil these days usually last longer than expected to prevent a significant amount of oil from being wasted. The viscosities of the engines are thick which leads to the decrease in oil. The change in the design of the engines helps the engine oil to last more than the outdated rule of 3 months for 3000 miles.

How long does the car travel without an oil change?

When you purchase a car you should efficiently go through the owner’s manual. The manual will help you to understand the design of your engine. The manufacturer of the car is well equipped with the engine design and does severe testing before bringing it into the market. These manufacturers usually have an idea of how long your oil will last and this will be mentioned in the manual. Most of the cars today efficiently run for 6000 miles. There are chances that might even run for more than that before an oil change.

How often should the oil be changed?

The oil in your engine is one of the most efficient lubrication. You should keep a check on the oil frequently on your vehicle. Each time you fill your engine, you should prefer to keep a check on the oil level. This might be hard, but you can consider keeping an alarm. Most of the times, when new oil is filled it will appear in the amber color in the dipstick. The dirtier the oil gets, the darker this will turn.

You can consider getting your oil change from expert professionals like . Make sure you keep on changing the oil from time to time to ensure the smooth functioning of the car. Following proper car caring tips, not only help the car run smooth, but also increases longevity. Just like oil change, you should take your care out for servicing every six months and ensure that it works fine.