How Lithium-Embedded GPUs Carry Their Weight in Gold

At Start Pac , we strive to continuously push the boundaries of innovation. In turn, we also look to improve the way users handle ground power units, which is why we’ve created the perfect lithium GPU that weighs less but still packs a punch. For instance, our Hi-Brd 3 GPU system is one of the few units currently on the market that currently meets Tier IV EPA emission standards. Less weight doesn’t always equate to reduced power.

Utilizing Lithium for Weight Shedding

Known for our advanced lithium ground support equipment , we believe that power doesn’t always have to come in bulky packages. Furthermore, by meshing the voltage that can be pumped out through a standard diesel system with a lithium system that weight significantly less, we gave aircraft enthusiasts a unit that is capable of maximizing power capacities. Through the implementation of lithium into certain models, we relieved some of the push and pull that most users deal with and replaced it with a self-propelled version that is simple and easy to maneuver.

Less Fuel Consumption

Our new ground power unit models are known consume up to 75% less fuel and run more quietly and efficiently than some of the traditional models. This leads to cutting costs when it comes to maintenance as well as a more peaceful work area. The benefits are plentiful but when it comes down to it, these factors aren’t just pleasing to the senses, they also get the job done and can power some of the largest aircrafts available.

Summary: Ground power units are stereotypically large, bulky, and difficult to maneuver. Start Pac solves these problems through the use of innovative modalities and advancements.