Here are the Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

While it is true that motorcycle riders enjoy the freedom that comes with their unique positions on the road, the downside reveals that they are also exposed to dangers of their own. They are the ones likely prone to serious injuries in the event of an accident or a road crash.

Increasing Statistics of Motorcycle Crashes

In fact, the number of fatalities for motorcycle incidents has doubled since 1999 compared to the steadily decreasing fatality rate accounted for drivers and passengers of automobiles and light trucks.

Motorcycle accidents are about 26 times more likely to take away the life of the driver than accidents involving passenger cars. Motorcycle riders are also five times more likely to be injured in a crash.

It is because of these alarming statistics that motorcycle riders must learn more about the most frequent causes of these accidents. That way, they can use the information to their advantage and reduce their level of risk on the road.

Top-Most Causes of Motorcycle-Car Crash

Head-on collisions between a car and a motorcycle account for more than half of motorcycle accident fatalities. Another common cause is when cars make left-handed turns. Sometimes the car that takes a turn usually strikes a motorcycle when it is either going straight through an intersection or when it is trying to pass or overtake the car.

Lane splitting is also a common cause of motorcycle accidents. This usually happens in traffic jams when a motorcyclist drives between two lanes. Over speeding is also another cause playing a large role in vehicular accidents including motorcycles.

Collision with fixed objects is another cause which increases the number of motorcycle accident fatalities. Because the motorcycle is smaller in size and less stable compared to automobiles, the motorcycle rider is prone to dangers and threats from road hazards. Examples would be potholes, dead animals on the road, slick pavement conditions, uneven height of the lanes, and many other road irregularities.


Motorcycle riders face a higher level of danger on the road compared to vehicular and truck drivers. However, they can increase their safety by knowing the causes of common accidents for them to avoid ending up in a problematic situation as much as possible. The little things like being more cautious when lane splitting, paying more attention to road hazards or resisting the temptation to break the speed limits can already help save one’s life.