Good but unlikely gifts for young men

Young men are traditionally quite wild and uninhibited. They are looking to test boundaries and force the limits of what they can do and where they can go. It is about moving out of home and exploring the world on their terms. It is an exciting stage of life and one where they are keen to experiment, spread their wings and sample things they have never experienced before. So, from a gifting perspective, when it comes to their birthday it is quite an interesting time to buy presents. Are they too old now to receive anything? Are they to complicated to buy for? Is money the way to go? There are no wrong or right answers to these questions, but for the person who wants to give a gift that means something special, here are a few ideas.

Think car

If your young man has a car, he is probably very proud of it. It is his freedom and his passport to anywhere that he wants to go. It is also a way for him to express his personality. The car, and more specifically how it looks and how it performs, typically says a lot about the driver. So, look to help him with that expression. Decorative decals could be a place to start or sheep skins for the seats. Or perhaps he has a hankering for speed and performance which means that you can give him something that plays to that need. A quick online search for something like ‘ Nissan 350z racing clutch ’ could be a good place to start. It’s a component for the car that will increase power and performance, and which can be installed by the man himself. It’s certainly worth a thought.

Spread wings

Most young people are keen to see the world – as much of it as possible. If you are a frequent flyer and you have lots of miles in the bank, this could be a great way to provide a wonderful present without having it cost you a fortune. Either work together with the recipient to pick a destination that floats his boat, or just gift him the miles and let him plan it all himself. Maybe you even want to join in for some of the trip – but if you do, make sure that you are not going to cramp his style too much.


Experiencing new things and having fun with friends is a big part of growing up. So, look for gifts that will speak to these innate desires. Concert tickets are a good place to start. Or tickets to sporting events or exhibitions or expos that speak to his interests. The options here are many and varied but the reality is that you almost can’t go wrong. Even if you get tickets to a stadium concert that is not his favourite band, the reality is that it is about a big night out with mates and the memories that are made. Help facilitate the making of memories and your gift will be wildly appreciated.