Exterior and Tech Upgrades in 2019 Acura ILX

To bring the freshness of a new year model, Acura decidedly changed its ILX model seriesmostly at the cosmetic level by upgrading its exterior to a more mature one while upgrading interior with features that nonetheless adds to the level of comfort, at this age of continuous need to stay connected to the world than anything else. The updates for the 2019 is more bent towards bringing a fresh gust of wind with its new styling to attract those who look for a car that is both aesthetic in its appearance and sporty in its spirit. But this time it was not the turn for the car’s mechanicals to receive any significant change that was required to match well with the athletic craft piece that you name as the 2019 Acura ILX.

The Upgraded Interior

At the dealership showroom of Valencia Acura , we got to see the 2019 Acura ILX from a closer range. The first thing that caught our attention right away was the diamond pentagon shaped front grille that made a strong visual impact. The entire lineup adopted this new design in order to replace the oldernot so impressive shield type grille. Among the other new changes are the LED head and tail lights,among which the taillights get a new style as well, a new lid for the trunk at the rear end, and a new bumper that gets for itself a faux diffuser and also an exposed exhaust that completes the structure with an evenness. The A-Spec package added to the exterior update list continues to be there since the last model, while the new ILX now wear a sporty look because of the new design crafted on the 18-inch pairs of wheels. If you still want more to add tothe exterior of your favorite Acura ILX then you can get some unique colors that are available across all the trim levels.

The Tech-Savvy Interior

Inside, Acura gets a new set of seats both at the front and therear that comes with adjustable lumbar support as standard for the driverand an additional level of silver trim for the dashboard to bring that shining glory in the cabin. However, theinfotainment system in the 2019 ILX continues to be the same with the two-screen setup that was in the 2018 model. But for 2019 it hasbeen integrated to the smartphone technology through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.The user interface now takes muchlesser time to respond and has much more logically-organized menus. There are plenty of active-safety features that we didn’t see in the previous year model or have found them only available as optional ones. But now they come as a part of the new AcuraWatch Plus package and are available as standard. You getin this package an active cruise control, a forward-collision warning, a lane-departure warning, and many more.

The Bottom Line

At Valencia Acura dealer , we finally had one memorable evening with the ILX, which is currently the smallest sedan from Acura that looks much more upscale and even jibed betterthan many of its segment.