Easy Car Show Detailing to Turn Heads

Car fanatics love nothing more than to spend hours in the garage modifying their vehicles, long road trips and cruises and even more importantly car shows. Car shows are a great way to bring people together and as a car fanatic, there are many things you can find appealing at a car show. Who knows, you might even find that rare gem you have been looking for and convince the owner to sell to you.

But if you are entering your car in the show, you need to make sure it is in pristine condition. Modifications can help you do that very well and you’ve probably spent months on them. Detailing is a requirement if the car is going to stand out and the following tips should help you brighten the finish and make your car stand out;

Polishing Tips

Polishing your car is the single most important thing you can do to get your car show-ready. There are several steps to the perfect polishing procedure. The first is to use a smoothing hand polish to remove any imperfections that mat be on the top paint. You may them wish to follow this up with a glaze. Glazing helps to fill in minor scratches, making them less visible. A final waxing should add the brilliant shine you’re going for and make your car almost show ready.


Be sure to condition both the interior and exterior surfaces of the car including the seats, rims, tires and even the custom show plates . Conditioners have the effect of making surfaces look fresh and younger and can very easily make even the dullest plastic and rubber looks stunning and inviting.

Final Touch Up

You’ve done everything you can to make your car look its best and it is finally show day. But even on this day, failing to do the last minute touch up you need to remove some of the dust you may have missed, may serve to dampen your prospects of winning. It is important therefore to have a detail touch up spray and a microfiber towel with you as you make your way to the event.

This will help you easily get rid of some of the dust and pollen that may have accumulated on your freshly waxed paint. The spray is also ideal for the removal of fingerprints and smudges that may find their way on your car during the event.

Your success or failure at a car show depends on the level of preparedness you have. The final polish on the car is just as important as the modifications you have to make for your car to be impressive. In fact, you may find that the finishing aspect of getting your car ready for a car show is the only things that can help your vehicle stand out. This is particularly true if you have a more regular or common car. At a car show, additional attention is always a good thing.