Driving School: Features to Keep In Mind While Selecting It

People look for a driving school mainly for two reasons; 1) when they are planning to buy a car or any other vehicle and 2) when they are going to appear for a driving test for a license. It is very easy to find a driving school these days but to find a decent one is a bit difficult and that’s the reason why Andy1st driving school takes place.

Not every driving school that gloats about its qualities all the time proves it correct. It is said that safety is the fundamental reason which brings a person pursuit of a decent driving school. Here are some features that one should keep in mind while selecting a driving school.


  • Driving Instructors: The important thing to look for in a driving school is fully qualified and DSA (Driving Standards Agency) approved driving instructors. Proficient driving teachers with huge driving knowledge are the generally the best as they will be great at granting quality driving lessons and numerous tips that can help in the case of emergency. Good communication and teaching skills are very important too.
  • Theory Classes: Theory classes are very important to learn the fundamentals of driving before actually driving a vehicle. Learning about the parts of the vehicle and how to effectively use them is essential before practical driving in order to avoid inconveniences. The driving school should also teach about the correct traffic rules and how to drive safe. Information and knowledge regarding emergency circumstances should be given along with tips to handle them.
  • Practical Sessions: The driving schools ought to be flexible with timings while giving practical driving lessons. Each student should be given sufficient time to learn the lessons. Driving schools should use vehicles with dual controls so that driving instructors can control the condition when learners can’t. The driving school should replace cars every six months or so to give learners a smooth and reliable drive.


  • Affordable Pricing: It is not expected that a good driving school with the right materials will offer very cheap driving lessons; the pricing for the driving lessons should be low so that all interested candidates can benefit from the services offered. There are various factors that can influence the pricing for the lessons, but you should ensure that you get the most reasonable and affordable rates.