Driving 101: How To Drive Safely Over Potholes

No matter how slow or how fast you go, your Mercedes wheels are going to take damage when you drive over potholes. Depending on where you live, there’s going to be a series of potholes that you drive over when you take your commute to work or if you’re just driving to the park. Potholes are inevitable when it comes to road construction.

What are potholes?

Potholes are natural “holes” on the roadway that form due to the weather. During the winter, the road freezes and thaws several times throughout the months. This can cause a lot of problems for roads that have been constructed a long time ago. They’re going to expand and contract too rapidly which causes potholes to form in various places of the road.

You can expect to run over a lot of potholes when it’s the spring season since the roads are on their way to recovering from the winter season. If you’re going to commute to work, you’re probably going to go over at least 10 potholes if you drive at least an hour continuously. Knowing how to drive safely over them and even around them can minimize the damage on your car.

Looking out for potholes

Whenever you’re driving, it’s already obvious that your eyes are going to be on the road. However, if you’re someone that has been driving for years, the road may seem like “white noise” since you’re looking for something that doesn’t look like it belongs on the road to ensure that you’re safe.

This is a huge dilemma because potholes tend to blend when the lighting is just right so make sure that your eyes are a few feet forward from where they are if you’re trying to look for potholes. Look for odd shadows on the road and try to go slow in areas that don’t receive that much traffic to give you an idea if there’s a pothole that other commuters are avoiding.

Go over them or around them?

Unless there’s no way for you to avoid the pothole without hitting the curb or risking yourself by facing oncoming traffic, then you should always go around potholes. Potholes, over time, will cause wear and tear to the rims of your vehicle. The sudden change in level will create a disturbance for your Mercedes wheels.

The disturbance, at first, may not be something that you’re worried with. Over time, potholes will cause your wheels to feel unbalanced. You’re going to feel a massive difference with the performance of your car when you compare to the feeling of your first time driving it. This is why it’s important that you avoid the pothole at all costs while keeping you and your car safe.

When it’s necessary for you to drive over a pothole, keep both of your hands on the steering wheel. Hold it firmly to avoid losing control especially if it’s a deep pothole. Potholes are one of the main causes of vehicular accidents in roads that are straight.
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