Checklist for Test-Driving and Checking A Pre-Owned Car Before Buying

Test drive is necessary for a new as well as a pre-owned car. If you are planning to buy a used car then take two test drive rather than one. It sounds time consuming but gives a chance to evaluate the ride and drive quality as well as car’s mechanical wellbeing.

First test-drive is for personal evaluation but you get a chance to note the VIN, so later you can obtain the vehicle history report. Second test-run is taken into consideration if the history looks fine and you are interested but take help from trusted mechanic for second opinion.

Checklist for test-driving and checking a pre-owned car before buying

Search online for kasutatud autode müük Tallinnas [sale of used cars in Tallinn] and visit their facility. Check the car’s exteriors & interiors, steering, engine, brakes, suspension and clutch. In case, you identify an issue then you can use it to reduce asking price because you will need to spend cash to fix them or just walk away.

Exteriors & interiors

  • Look for signs of damages on seats and trims.
  • Check for rust, scratches, chips and dents on the body work.
  • Try the air conditioning and lights to find if they are working or not.
  • All the panels need to be perfectly fit. If not, the car includes an accident history.
  • Windscreen cracks and chips can cost significant repair costs, so check it out.
  • Excessive wear on carpets, seats, and pedal rubbers can be an indication the vehicle is older than it appears.
  • Check the spare wheel and tires. If all tires seem worn on a single side then alignment needs adjusting or there can be a serious issue.
  • Check for unusual noises and excessive exhaust smoke.
  • The VIN number needs to match V5C registration certificate number.


  • Before starting check for white thick white substance underneath engine oil cap, which indicates engine damage or head gasket issue.
  • Pull, wipe, and re-insert the engine oil dipstick. Pull it again to check oil condition and maximum level. It gives an idea whether the car is serviced or not.
  • If bonnet seems warm before you start, it means seller is hiding an issue.
  • When you start the engine and drive the car look for excessive smoke. Remember, engine needs to be pull quietly and smoothly.
  • Little white exhaust smoke or steam, while starting a car is fine but excessive black, white or blue smoke is not good.
  • Check engine coolant brake fluid levels and battery terminals.
  • After test drive check for leakages under the car at the engine bay.


  • Keep your ears open to sound of judder or squeals, while turning the steering. On power steering little, whining sound will seem normal.
  • The car should not pull on one side, when road is levelled.


  • Brakes must stop car in a straight line.
  • Listen for rubbing noises or vibrations while braking.
  • Use handbrake on hill start – car must not slip.

Gears and clutch

  • Use all the gears to check for crunching
  • Clutch biting point near the top indicates replacement of clutch soon.
  • Gear changes need to be smooth in an automatic car.


  • Ride needs to be sooth and car capably soaks the bumps without feeling bouncy.

BCS Auto helps interested car buyers to invest in right vehicles. However, it is also the buyer’s responsibility to take a test drive and make sure that the used car they are interested in buying offers good value for money.

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