Car Maintenance Tips to Keep You Safe from Accidents and Lawsuits

Most often road traffic accidents, as the name implies, are accidents that are unavoidable. However, in some instances, they can be well avoided if you are maintaining your car adequately. To avoid mishaps due to inadequate maintenance, you should regularly service your car, so it is reliable and safe to ride in.

Sometimes, checking on your engine coolant can prevent overheating and breaking down of the car right in the middle of peak hour traffic or while speeding on a busy highway, causing a dangerous pile-up.

Negligence Causes

The growing craze among people to stay connected via voice call or text messages is one of the leading causes for road injuries now. Speeding is another major cause that puts the driver as well as those on the road at great risk of accidents and injury. Reckless and drunken driving also leads to dangerous collisions, injuries, and death.

While the above mentioned causes are most common, automobile accidents also happen due to negligence of car maintenance. Failure to maintain vehicle properly can lead to potential injuries not only to the owner of the vehicle but also to the passenger, a pedestrian, a fellow motorist or a bicyclist on the way. When such mishaps occur, it is best to approach an accident lawyer to ensure proper redressal.

Here are a few tips to keep you and your vehicle safe and sound:

Check Tread of Tires

It is necessary to check the tread as well as the pressure of the tire regularly. This will ensure the handling and braking are effective, particularly in wet road conditions. Bulges, fabric, nails or cuts in the tire always indicate that a change is needed.

Brake Disc

Visually inspect the brake disc. If you find a disc lip in areas, where pad has worn metal away, it is time to replace with new discs. Change pads for every 20 thousand miles, and discs generally take about 60 thousand miles before they need a change.

Battery Check

Fault in battery will prevent the car from starting instantly. When you neglect to check the electronics, it can land you in deep trouble.

Wiper Blades

Make sure to replace smeary or faulty blades as these can hamper your visibility.

Fluid Check

Check on all fluids, including engine oil, washer fluid, coolant, and fluid in the brakes and power steering. All these can be topped up without having to approach a mechanic.

Keep Car Lights in Working Order

Buy good quality bulbs that allow clear visibility for a considerable distance in front and behind the vehicle.

Headrest Adjustment

This is very important as it can reduce whiplash injury during a collision. Good posture and seating are generally needed for a comfortable drive, especially when you are doing a long journey.

When an accident is caused due to poor maintenance of vehicle, the owner of the vehicle is liable for all damages that surface. Sometimes, the fault may lie with the negligence of the mechanic who had serviced the automobile recently. If the cause behind a car accident is suspected to be due to negligence of another party, you can seek damage via claiming personal injury. Hiring a reputed accident lawyer will help in your case and get you the compensation you are due.