Buying used car parts – Know the few parts that are safe to buy used

A vehicle owner can save a big part of his dollars by purchasing used car parts instead of getting them all new. Your options range from buying rebuilt auto parts, which have been reconditioned to hunting through junkyards and meeting the original product specifications. is one such place where you can buy used auto parts online.But even though used auto parts can be less costly than the new counterparts, all used auto parts can’t always be relied on. There are few automobile parts, which wear with age and hence are unsafe as replacements.

So, what are the auto parts that you should buy used to save your dollars? Check out the list of your best bets.

#1: RIMS

The chrome rims of a car may leak air as a result of peeling finish and corrosion with time. If you think your tires need to be anyway replaced, you can also take a look at some good old steel rims to make your car look better. During such situations, the shops often recommend getting in touch with the local junkyard to get some really good steel rims at a low cost. So, rims of a car are one of those auto parts, which are safe to buy used. Just ensure they aren’t corroded or bent.


No, you would never think that the broken side mirror could be costly to replace but a heated mirror can definitely cost you somewhere around $200 if you want to buy a new one. Even rear view mirrors are tough to replace at a low cost, particularly when it has lighting, compass display or other features. So, used mirrors can be as reliable as the new one and the best part is that they can be found at half the price of the latter.


If your old car was missing the spare tire, you might not be interested in paying $150 for buying a new one. A viable solution would be to get a $50 spare tire from the junkyard, like a ‘doughnut’ spare tire rim or some unused spare tire. These are often a best buy when you get them used.


With time, switches of power locks and power lock solenoids can all wear out, thereby leaving you without the ease of working power locks inside your car. But when you take quotes of a new power lock with the thought of replacing it with a new one, you might think that you’re doing good without them. No, that’s not the only solution for you. You can check out used power locks, which are available at fraction of a cost.

Therefore, if you’re in need of the above listed automobile parts, make sure you get them online and used so you save dollars and stay within your budget at the middle of the month.