Block Paving Your Driveway – Know Its Installation Cost and What Is Included in It!

Are you planning for a new block paved driveway? If your answer is yes, then getting an idea about its cost must be your first concern, right? This article covers all the important aspects including the driveway cost and the typical prices you can expect to pay a professional for it.

There is a wide array of options in terms of block paving that comes in different types, colours, sizes, and styles. The reason why this kind of installation of driveway is preferred is that they are more attractive and unique. Before digging deep into its installation cost, let us first know what you can do to prepare for it!

Steps to follow when getting a driveway installed

The first step you will usually take is to locate all the services and make sure that digging the drive won’t cause any problems. After that, proper planning must be carried out. For instance, if you are going to divert the rainwater from your home on the street, then you might need planning permission.

Once it is made sure, the paving blocks can be laid and the steps required can easily be built at the front door. Any of the other hard landscaping tasks must be done at the same time to reduce additional costs.

Price guide of Block Paving

You can expect the price of around $50 – $100 per sq. Metre as an average material cost for installing the block paving. This driveway cost may even increase, but it greatly depends on your driveway’s size. For example, if the driveway has few extras like steps, edging, and drainage or has complex patterns, then you can expect a bit of rise in this price.

It is important to hire reliable driveway specialists like Paving Sealers that can do the job efficiently and at reasonable price. A typical block driveway is normally expected to take about 4-5 days to get completed. However, it will depend on size of your driveway.

Few factors that can increase your cost for new block driveway

  • Dropping kerb – In case, you desire new entrance to the driveway or want to expand the current one, you might require lowering the kerb. You might require permission from local council and you may even require using their approved contractor. However, the overall rules might vary from one council to another.
  • Inspection chambers – If you want the inspection (manhole) chambers that are located on the driveway to get moved, it will not only add extra cost to your project, but also add extra time. Some of the customers even move them to flower bed! However, if it is left in centre of your drive, the pavers will likely replace cover with recessed one that can accept paving blocks.
  • Patterns – The pattern you will finalize can greatly affect the time duration it can take for the work to get completed as well as final labour cost. More complex pattern means more time and money!

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Robert Wolf has written this Guest Post. So now you know what factors are incorporated while estimating driveway cost, isn’t it? To ensure proper installation of your new blocked driveway, trust only the reliable and professional pavers like Paving Sealers. They have many years of expertise in this field and charge reasonably as well. Feel free to visit their website and know your options!