Best Auto Upholstery Care Tips for Your New Car

The upholstery of a car matters a lot, when it comes to the maintenance of your interior. Shoes, pets, spilled drinks, food particles all are a regular visitor to make the upholstery worn out and create a mess to your car’s interior.

To help you out we have collected a few useful tips from the experts of the Henderson Acura dealership, which not only would keep your upholstery in proper shape but are also easy to follow.

  1. Take Immediate Action to Spilled Drinks

Spills from drinks like tea, coffee, juice or cola spreads deeper inside the surface of the upholstery. The stains are fast and gets really tough to be removed. But things can come under control, if you decide to take immediate action, once any drink spills off to the seats. Sprinkle some cool water on the affected area, and then apply some liquid soap rubbed in with a clean rag or paper towel, the stain will not settle down and get chance to damage the seat surface permanently.

  1. Use Glass Cleaner for Difficult Stains

Some difficult stains remain forever, even after you try your best to clean them.But some of them or we can dare to say, most of them can be treated with a good quantity of glass cleaner, once the stains start lingering. But we should remember, that before using the glass cleaner for aparticular damaged area, test it out on an inconspicuous area of the upholstery that stays hidden from the eyes. This is to make sure that the particular cleaner doesn’t go harsh on the fabric or carpet itself.

  1. Clean the Vinyl Part the Right Way

Sometimes, in many car trims there can be vinyl upholstery. If by any chance it gets dirty, you can clean it up with a damp rag after soaking it up with baking soda. After applying it like a paste, rinse this mixture off with cold water and dish soap. Never use any oilor mineral-based cleaners, which are damaging for the vinyl surfaces making them stiff.

  1. Dry Leather Upholstery Thoroughly

Leather upholstery is expensive in itself. What becomes more challenging to keep it in good shape, is that, you can’t have a cloth cover to protect the leather surface, as in that case the purpose of having a leather upholstery gets defeated. Leathers are difficult to maintain. They are quite sensitive to water, perspiration, as well as any liquid spill. But then, water is the only solution to clean it. Try a cloth dipped in water mixed with a low-pH soap, squeeze out the excess amount and then start dabbing to clean it, but do not forget to dry out the surface thoroughly as soon as you finish cleaning the surface.

  1. Use Ammonia to Brighten Up the Fading Carpet

At the Henderson Acura dealership , the experts say that non-wool carpets of the car interior fade off in time. But to protect it from an early fading, you need to vacuum it thoroughly in frequent intervals. Then, prepare a mixture of half cup of ammonia and one pint of water and use it to mop the carpet and see it get back its original glow once it dries up.